The advertisement struggle


So I went to a movie Saturday to get over the hump in my day where I start really craving. I arrived a bit early (usually I get there for movie previews), but I arrived during advertisements. The first one was of my local dive bar/restaurant that I frequent ugh. I had to find the humor in the situation and laugh. I was already thinking about stopping there, it is on the way. I am happy to say even after the movie I drove on by and went to the grocery store for things I needed. Generally I skip the store and run out of things for a day or two due to the drinking. The evening veggie snack tray and stuffed mushroom dinner with Netflix binge was much more enjoyable I must say. Sunday was a real struggle. I found myself irritable and lost. Ended up going to a flea market then for a long country drive. Felt much better when I got home, but extremely tired from all the emotions. It is Monday morning (day8) I made it an entire week! Time to treat myself to a massage:) Hope everyone is well and to those of you who are struggling remember to “be patient and kind to yourself”. Peace and happiness to all of you!


you are healing every day, I’m so pleased for you.


Advertisements are frustrating!! I just find alcohol ads in general (ie: not specific to a local bar…but the booze itself) so frustrating. They always imply “drink this and you’ll be happy/desirable/smart” etc. I struggle so much with romanticizing alcohol. I have to actively counter those ads in my head with “yeah, if I drank that Captain Morgan I wouldn’t be fun, I’d be a stumbling and stuttering idiot”. I find wine ads especially hard since they CLEARLY have determined women of my age-ish to be their target audience. Apparently I deserve a girls night out sipping on wine with all my besties…except I don’t have besties…I guess I should drink some more wine and I will have besties and we’ll all have the most amazing time relaxing from our difficult lives as working moms.


Exactly! So hard and so frustrating…


Pft I hear you!! Not long ago I joined a local single parents support page hoping to make some new friends haha, and without a doubt every night parents were posting selfies with a beer or wine in hand… meetups for the area? All in pubs or nights out on the town. One night someone posted “what’s one thing in your handbag people wouldn’t expect to find?” So I tested the waters and responded with ‘sobriety coin’. 1 like I got. That was it :joy: I left the group shortly afterwards.


Spot on. I’m shocked how sucked in I chose to be.


Eagles don’t need a flock. Crows do.

And what is a flock of crows called? A Murder.


and those steaming pizzas, good gosh, we’d be broke, fat, drunk and in jail if we consumed what we see on the TV. :-0


Oh yah the pizza too! Ugh lol


Good attitude and good job working thru your funk. Stay strong, it gets better.