The Art of Sobriety


Your painting is so beautiful! I love the sky colors.


The second one is the one that I have. Is there an option to take a peek inside both books to see which one you prefer? If not I could take some pics of the inside of mine to show you.

Note: I got mine in college so perhaps it’s a better reference? It looks like the other one is from the 50s too so IDK of that makes a difference to you. Lol


Thank you. For my daughter, she loves horses :slight_smile:


@Oliverjava they sell them at IKEA for $6!


Thank you! That's a perfect excuse to finally go to that place! :smile:


My photography. Mainly photos of strangers, photographs of daily life and any other general detritus that catches my eye


pleased with this one , art therapy is one of my best lol it’s crazy fun . I love this penguin are my fab. Animal


I love painting … it is truly my therapy … SMILE


Look at all this talent! :smile:


Picked up some of my tools for the first time in a long time. Finally had some “me” time. Work in progress of course.



I drew this on the plane. It is supposed to look like me. I don’t think it does. I’ll have to keep working at it.


Spring in Indiana … makes me smile!!




This is incredible!!!


Been working on my wire wrapping.


Wow, they are looking great!!


Looks amazing!


I’m digging the trolls, plus it’s ah entertaining .drew this up few months ago