The Art of Sobriety


this took me a minute. Very mindfull


Gorgeous work … love love


Oh it has been a very long time since I’ve done anything. I have to vow to draw something tonight. I just haven’t a clue what it is I WANT to draw. I need some inspiration.


Me to I gotta get some peace of mind seriously. Mindfulness


Very very nice @Oliverjava!


WOW TO ALL OF YOU GUYS! You’re all loaded with talent! Gifts! I ran out of likes for a bit but I would have hit the heart on all of these! How fun to have this thread and to see such talent.


Do u sell your art?


It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up my camera. My drinking and depression shut down my ability to just do the things I love. These are some of my older photos, hopefully I’ll have new ones in the near future.



Right now i do commissions for people and i am building my inventory to be able to sell more.


thankful for this , makes me happy love this.thread


Dot art


Altered book art


awesome sauce






Rad photos !!!