The Art of Sobriety


My quilting <3


More thread art. These became placemats!


I stoned this fire place. Our new living room




@anon22557494 Actually this made me laugh.


So cute @Melrm!!

I can picture swinging away for hours on that swing, after I rode my little scooter thru the desert to get there :blush:


So much talent in here!
Y’all are amazing.
This is in progress. I’m a slow painter…but I don’t know why it’s sideways. Lol!


@Melrm, That is so awesomely beautiful…:purple_heart:


@Roga, They are very beautiful. :wink: I love crosses. I have them all over my home…


I think that it is totally amazing, how talented we are when we take our skills and our love for life and put it into something other than alcohol and drugs. We are truly amazing people and this just proves it. You guys are so unbelievably talent and good at what you do. I just love you all. I’m so grateful to share in all this beauty that you all have. Thank you so very much. You’re each so beautiful insid and out it makes me cry with joy.:hugs::pray::purple_heart:


@Madhatter we get creative around here
@NeshKun what do you think?


I like it. :grin:


View over Loch Lomond from Ben Lomond


This is just one of the fruit trees I’ve made. The monkeys are made of fruit too.


Painted these letters for a little girl’s bedroom. Made a matching 3ft photo board that you tuck photos into.


That’s really good!


Oh that’s beautiful!


Wow!!! Do you sell the things you make?


@Kmills888 Some blankets and scarfs I give away as a birthday gift