The Art of Sobriety


One of my recovery journal entries.



a picture I took of my daughter at sunset on the bay!


Wow love this thread! Some hemp and crochet I’ve been working on, I find it very relaxing. Candle holder, lighter holder, wrapped headphones.


These are fantastic @Lola !


Awesome work guys!


Finished after deliberation.


These (and much more) I made in 2002. I loved to draw but stopped some day (still dunno why).



I love it ! Is it for sale ?


Im amazed about all of u im so jealous lmao … Thank u guys .im nothing near like u when it comes to what u do .


How is that possible lol . So great !! Dot painting WOW


Ha ha, you are joking.


No im not .I do appreaciate fine art


Hmm, I don’t even know how much it’s worth or what I would ask for it. It’s a dream of mine to be good enough to earn a living from it, but my real life job is so busy, I struggle to get time to make a full portfolio and I also worry whether or not I’d be taken seriously.

It’s hanging on my bedroom wall, I bought a few blank canvases to decorate the walls in my new house and that is the first of 6. I’m planning to paint again on Sunday.


When i saw it it just appealed to me . I like art, paintings photos and such , im not so much fan of famous people, rich , trendy u know.Some here and there yeah . Whats important to me if its appealing to me or not . Value is something personal not what society or highlisted says . Art is whats the eyeowner belives . Did that make sense ?


This is it under different light, not sure if you will like it, but it’s a painting which changes from dark to bright depending on the light.


I think this is very Nice:) i like it :slight_smile:


Isn’t that minnesota