The best thing about this forum is

When you think you are alone you find out you are not.

When your symptoms are worrying you find out everyone has gone through the same thing and you are no different to anyone else.

When you experience strange mood swings, restlessness, tiredness, sleepless nights, shakes, headaches, lack of motivation, alcohol cravings, sweet things cravings, coffee cravings, ( insert 20 other things here) and you wonder if it’s “ normal” - 50 other people will reassure you it is.

When you fall down people will pick you up.

When you do well people praise you.

When you judge yourself no one in here does.

Thank you all for being here for me, just another faceless individual whose help and assistance you give freely and unconditionally.

I hope to do the same to others as you have to me.

My new life :+1:


Yes! All of the above! I absolutely love this forum and feel like it is going to be a huge proponent of me being successful with sobriety. I am reading on here so much that I haven’t been on Facebook since I joined. Everybody here seems so real, honest, and open, that it makes me sick to see all the sugar-coated crap on Facebook. Thank you to everybody here, from the bottom of my heart to yours. :heartbeat:


I’m a bloke who doesn’t do groups or opening up. This forum has done that for me and probably saved my life, my wife, my kids in the process.

Enough said :+1:


I had no idea there were resources like this, I thought either you went to AA (which for me isn’t a good fit) or you had to struggle through by yourself. I always used to think that I was so alone in my feelings, struggles, temptations, and cravings with alcohol. The best thing about discovering this forum, for me, has been the comfort and reassurance that I am most definitely not alone, and that people all over the world are going through the same stuff. I don’t feel so isolated anymore.
I’m new here, but so thankful to be here. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Yeah,this problem is world wide. People working together can beat it. Have a great day.

What about shitty memory is that normal? Like walk into a room and are like… wtf was i supposed to be doing again??

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Yep! All normal! :sunglasses:

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