The damn urges

Hey folks, im 38 days into my journey & been feeling good but last 2 night’s I’ve had the urge to have a drink :disappointed:. Found myself sitting in my car outside the shop humming & hawing until i finally drove home. I guess it’s an on going struggle, it just snuck up on me and the desire was so strong. I’m hoping it passes…

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Maybe check out an AA meeting. Works for me.


It gets better. Every time you conquer an urge, you get stronger. Meetings help!


I got stuck in that thought cycle of ‘Im just taking a break from alcohol so 1 night after 5 wks will be ok’ but deep down I knew that 1 night would just open the door to another night & another night and so on. Felt better by the time got home and felt fantastic the next morning! Same again this morning. Onward & upward it is :grin:


Good for you!

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