The decision to get help

I’ve been drinking almost every day for the past year… I had a feeling it was starting to become a problem, when I would constantly have cravings to drink. My husband confronted me a few times about the drinking and I would get really offensive. I was definitely in denial. Then, I started hiding alochol from my husband till one day he found the bottles in my draw. As embarrassing as that was, I still kept drinking and hiding it from him. I finally decided it was time to get help and I reached out to my primary doctor. She started me on an antidepressant for my anxiety issues and a naltrexone for the cravings. I’m now heading into my 9th day sober and I feel great!! I don’t even have any cravings anymore and have driven right by the liquor store or walked past the wine/beer at the supermarket. I sleep better at night, my skin/hair looks healthier, I lost some water weight, my mind is clearer and I have more energy. I’d always drink at night to fall asleep and in the morning I’d feel exhausted and felt awful. I’d end up sleeping all day and gettting nothing accomplished. I’m so glad I made the decision to speak to my doctor. I broke down to her and she was able to get me the help Is needed!! If you think you have a problem, chances are… you do. Please get the help you need, confide in someone!


Well said @Snoblet. Very proud of you for speaking to your Dr. Your story sounds very similar to mine. It was hard to admit that i was an alcoholic but it was the best choice I ever made. Stay strong, ask for help, attend meetings, read books & watch documentaries about alcohol, come here, anything you need to to stay sober. Your doing a great job. Welcome