The devil got hold of me again



So I’m back. Last time I was here I managed 6 weeks sober & literally out of nowhere I fell off the wagon. Now I have to be honest it’s not been a drastic fall… But I do know I’m becoming dependent again. How do we stay focussed on sobriety??? I was strong when I fell off. I had no reason to drink. Out of nowhere I drank 8 beers on my own. I can’t explain it. Much love to you all.


Addiction causes people to do things that they cannot explain rationally. Is there a support group or health professional you could see?


Maybe this is a clue

…on my own

Attempting sobriety on my own, with false confidence, denial really, that I had it knocked usually led to me celebrating my sobriety with a drink. For real that was my thinking.

You say the slip came out of nowhere. Well, maybe it came out of someplace you weren’t looking at. What will you do differently to achieve and maintain sobriety? AA, medication, counseling? This are things I tried separately then together to get from drunk to sober. I’m sure you have a list in your head of what you will and will not do. Write it down so that you are confronted by the reality of it, so you can decide how to take action.

Blessings on your house :pray:.


Maybe a meeting might help get phone numbers lift the phone before the drink wish you well