The dreaded drinking dream

I’ve had a few dreams in the past but this is the first one that I woke up actually thinking I had drank. It’s been on my mind a lot this past week with our family issues. So far I’ve made it through but I guess even my subconscious really wants a drink.


Those dreams weird me out…but I feel to look grateful when I realize it really was just a dream.

How did you feel when you woke up? Were you relieved? Grateful? Perhaps your subconscious was giving you the drink in your dream to remind you of how far you have come and how you do not have to go back there. I like to think so.

You got this. Keep moving forward.


I dreamt last night of all the “fun” times. It was a mental collage of drinking episodes from the last 20 years. It just seems so weird that as much as I sobriety, somewhere inside of me, something keeps pulling at me to drink.


I’ve had some really fucked up doosey of a drinking dream dreams. I totally know that feeling. It usually takes me a few hours to shake them off. But night before last I dreamed that I was at a baseball game (because baseball had been a theme around here lately I’m assuming) and ordered my beer and a couple shots. Someone gave me a sip of their “good” beer. In the dream I actually just decided that I didn’t want to lose my sobriety and told the vendor to cancel my order. It was awesome to wake up to that!

Then last night I dreamt that I finally got together with this person I’ve had mad feelings for for like 7 years. Ughh! Instead of feeling guilty and bitter I feel lonely and bitter.

Damn you brain! Whhyyyyyyyy? (Imagine me on my knees, fists shaking to the heavens) :persevere:

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That’s possible since the dream also included knowledge that I would need to reset and I felt bad about doing it…but did it anyway. So I woke up st first upset about the reset before I realized it was a dream. I didn’t like that feeling. I’ll focus on that.


Lol. I just figured this one out. Find the topic. Open it. And copy and past the title at the top :grin:

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Yeah I’ve been experiencing this. Less of a dream, more of just a guilty feeling in the morning which I associate with drinking.

People I’ve spoken to in AA have said it’s important to share this with someone, because you’re carrying guilt you don’t need or deserve.

But saying that, I take it as a positive sign that I’m healing.


A month or so ago I had a pretty vivid heroin dream. I haven’t used that in over 6 years :thinking:


I had one this morning and my ex was there and ashamed of me. I woke up with a headache. That was scary. Then I remembered it was a dream, it still has me on edge but not as bad.
Maybe I’ll go for a walk!

Oh yes I had mine yesterday. yesterday was day 4 for me. and I woke up last night in a panic I had a horrible dream that my car slid down an icy Road and into someone’s front lawn. and while trying to get it out I didn’t realize the whole rear end of my car was totaled of course I was drunk. so now I was running from the cops and everyone knows you can never run in your dream forget it being a dream it was my nightmare. I was so relived as I drove to work this morning it was only a dream

I had one last night, it woke me up about 3a.m wich was always the same time I would wake up every night after drinking parched for water so it really freaked me out!! It took me a few minutes to realize it was just a dream it was a weird feeling! I’ve got 12 days and I think my brain is just now realizing I’m not giving it alcohol anymore or something!

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Wow that is VERY interesting that you woke up at the same time you would normally when ACTUALLY drinking.

On a bit of a tangent here…I read once that the time you wake up in the middle of the night is a reflection on what part of your body is “hurting” and 2-3am was associated with the liver. I ALWAYS woke up at 2am when drinking. That was a huge light bulb moment for me. My liver was hurting!! Maybe even though you weren’t drinking the dream felt so real to your whole body (not just the mind) that it interpreted it as a hurting liver and you woke up.

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day 42, awful dream that I had smoked bud… ruining chances at getting this new job, so I ended up drinking and throwing it all away. so relieved when I woke up and realized it hadn’t happened. can’t stand those dreams

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It’s those few seconds when you actually think it was real…


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