The edgy feeling

Hello all. First time posting here, been sober for about 4 days now and still keep getting that edgy frustrated feeling every so often. Like I’m short tempered and can’t concentrate. I haven’t been blackout drunk for about 10 years, but I’ve been pretty much drinking since I was 18. Daily since I was 24. I’m 43 now, so it’s definitely time to grow up. My mind is is scattered, guess I just needed to vent and wishing for more clarity and a clear head. Any thoughts?


Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve tried quitting drinking before, & being sober, but this time feels different. I really want to change, I really want to be the best person I can be, and I’m really starting to see that drinking is what was holding me back. I love being able to read all the stories here, it really is a great community, and I’m hoping I can continue to be a part of it. Thank you again.


Please vent away its better out than in


Welcome! This forum has truly played a big role in my sobriety! I checkin a few times a day. I have 78 days free from weed and alcohol, my longest stretch in 20 years. AA has also been a great fellowship ive found online and in person. Keep posting and reading around. You dont have to go through this alone!


My emotions were all over the place when I first stopped drinking. It has gotten better for me the more time I spend away from alcohol. Keep going. You aren’t alone in this.

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