The first 30 days. How was it, or how’s it going?

Well, I’m close to day 30. It’s been a ride. However, even though I didn’t actively wanted to stop drinking. I did want a break. The desire for alcohol is there, but it isn’t strong. The real test will be at the bar. So far, so good.


At the bar ? Test, didn’t want to stop etc RED FLAGS all over this post, personally i would not go to a bar so early on in recovery.


Congrats on nearly 30 days. Sobriety means one day at a time. Avoid triggers like bars in the first months. There’s no sense in putting your sobriety “on the test”. Many here tried to moderate, all failed. Why would you pick up again? What was your motivation to become sober? Being sober is more than just not using. Yes, drinking alcohol is using a legal drug. Being in recovery is more than just cutting out the drug and changing nothing else.
What do you want?
Sending you good vibes :sunflower:


well done on 30 days keep us updated on your journey

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Don’t test yourself right now!
Keep yourself as low profile as you can in the beginning of your sobriaty.
For me I avoided every alcohol related place, friend ore event the first 3 months of my recovery.
Be stronger in your new sobriaty first before you enter a bar, just my opinion.
Do not jeopardize your well earned 30 days.

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Makes sense. However, in the past I have been at the bar and enjoyed myself without alcoholic drinks. It was just a thought, but yeah, I’ll hold out for now.

For me, choosing to be sober was pretty random. Woke up in the new year and just didn’t feel like drinking. Nothing deep behind it, just wanted a break and to challenge myself. It was suppose to be for a week and here we are. I’ve enjoyed the changes I’ve managed to go through and realized how long it’s been since I had a hangover less morning and life. I choose to keep going. Perhaps this wasn’t random and it was me taking initiative at the right time wether I planned it or not.


Thank you for that and you’re right.

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Makes sense.

I have also been to a bar and just had soft drinks THEN my mind thought i could keep doing it until i ended up blind drunk.

Congrats on your break!! Glad it is feeling good for you.

Have you done any sobriety reading? One book I found helpful was This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. Another was Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Control Alcohol. Might give you some things to think about.