The first week!

I’m nearly a week in and it’s been hard but the impact on my body has been awful! Sickness, constant headache, full on facial spots and lastly, can’t poop! When I’m drinking I suffer terrible stomach problems and constant tummy upset but I’ve goop ne the opposite way now and it’s so uncomfortable! Please tell me this passes!

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Welcome! It gets better. Trust me. How long it will take largely depends on how much and for how long you drank/were using.

Drink lots of water. You’ll be dehydrated and it will help your skin and your toilet issues haha.

Multi vitamins and minerals too! Well done :wink:

It does pass, it’s difficult but when you hit that 30 days you should feel loads better, just try and be kind to yourself, take extra vitamins and sleep when you’re body tells you to

Hang in there. It DOES get better. There is HOPE and LIGHT at the end of this dark tunnel. I swear it. It’s worth every day, just to be whole again. Hang in there.