The Headaches Are Killing Me - Any Advice?


I’m not sure what to do about them. My temples and top of head feel like they are going to explode. The back of my head, neck and face are extremely tight and every muscle in my body is sore. I’ve taken hot baths, used cold wet rags and also taken headache meds like BC Powder and Exc Migraine. Anyone else have issues like this? I can’t focus my eyeballs hurt like hell. Very sensitive to light and sound. I need some tips. I’m not even 3 full days into this …


Do you make sure to drink lots of water? Dehydration can be at play jn the beginning. I used Alève, which I normally never do. It helped a little.
I also massaged my own neck and head. There are good short videos on how to do that on Youtube. Look for “trigger point massage neck”.


I have migraines all the time and excedrin help me I also take zanaflex and it helps to relax the muscles.


Drink tons of water and do an activity that really gets your blood flowing.


Yep…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It will get better. The first week sucks, u just gotta get through it. The caffeine from coffee helped me as well.


WATCHOUT i had this bad flu going around in dec ,it started with a bad stiff neck for 3 days and then kaboom…


I got a prescription for Imitrex for those migraines that don’t respond to anything else. Works for me. Non-habit forming.


Thank you all for responding. I do drink tons of water, it’s mostly all I drink. Coffee is a no go for me because I can’t take the caffeine… I don’t drink soda… mostly water and green tea. The headache has let up a bit to a tolerable levels at least. I’m hoping to get some sleep tonight because last night was a disaster. I got maybe 2-3 hrs sleep.

My youngest grandson has a stomach bug… he woke up this morning and threw up. He has been fine all day so I hope it’s not the flu. He doesn’t complain of body aches and no fever so that’s good.

Thanks again for all the advice. Oh and I’ll probably try Aleve since the bc and exc isn’t working.


Wow so there was me thinking what are all these good people going on about with their headaches, maybe I’ve worn my Teflon suit and dodged a bullet here.


How wrong can one man be.

This headache is a belter. I apologise for my internal smugness team.