The lecturing friends

It seriously makes me angry when i’m on my road to recovery for me and friends who drink tell me how no one wants to be a friend with someone who needs to be babysat. You are not 19 anymore and can’t have drunken outbursts. Ok i know i have been struggling with this for years and years. Its so hard listening to people that have no idea what this feels like. Now i feel like i have an * by my name now.
My drinking problems have been a hidden secret from most but I need to be around people that will support my sobriety and not belittle me for my 5 days of sobriety. This is hard, i am not reckless on purpose.

Those who have not felt the pain, suffering and masery that comes from addiction. To be the destroyer of one’s own life. I know what it’s like to hold that secert in and tell it to those that care about you or so you’d think they would. Your not alone… Take the steps forward keep your life in your own hands and life will flow through you yet again and your friends and family that truly love you will stand by you. Truly explain to them your pain, reveal it to them and yourself. Healing is just around the corner and we’re all here to take that journey together.

You’ll learn whether or not these people are real friends on your recovery journey. I don’t know the full scenario, but if you are sober why would you need babysat?

5 days is a great step in the right direction, it only gets better and better. Are you attending support groups? In the early days I went to as many as possible and it was a big help, the people there will support you not “baby sit” you and they will understand you. We’ve all been there.

Stay strong and focused on yourself, sobriety is the biggest gift you will ever give yourself.

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Try to take their advice and story telling with a grain of salt. Some friends don’t know how to help you or what to say. You need to setup boundaries and get them to follow if not then let them go and focus on your recovery. In the end no one will understand your battle you are in but you. Stay talking to ppl on this site, go to a meeting find ppl that can empathize. Hang in there you are stronger than you think you are.