The Little Thread of Sunshine 🌞 (with a chance of rain)

Congratulations on the week @Sunshinegirl😀


I feel ya! Tomorrow I plan to go to my first AA meeting ever and I was abit skeptical at first but now I am looking forward to it and can’t wait to experience something new.


Hey guys, I’m new to this app so I’m not sure whether to make my own thread or respond in an already existing one. However I relate to this thread so here I am.

I have been telling myself for years that I’m not an alcoholic I just like to drink, and yeah sure I have a genetic predisposition to addiction as my father was an alcoholic but I kept saying that’s not me I’m fine, I have control.

I stopped drinking for about a month after about a year of drinking atleast every other day, to prove to my partner and myself that I was fine, but when I started again I just fell off the bandwagon. I used to drink at work and drive my bike home after I don’t know how many drinks, and I did this often. Anyway I digress. Last Saturday I went to an event and instead of having control I got black out drunk, was horrible to my partner and I don’t even remember it. So iv finally admitted that I’m an alcoholic. It was really difficult and I guess it still is, a part of my brain keeps saying but it’s not that bad and I guess that’s because I had prior knowledge that this might become a problem for me, so I’m not going through crazy physical withdrawal but it’s still difficult.

Coming to terms with this is difficult, but what helped me alot was telling the people I love, their support and love when I told them really made it easier, and now they know don’t offer me a drink, we can’t go to a bar, not just yet.

I don’t want to be one of those people you can’t drink around you know? Just because I can’t drink doesnt mean my friends can’t either, however especially in the begining I think I need to avoid bars and so on, and luckily my friends seem keen to do that for me.

The trouble I think for me is that I work right next to a bar, and I am my own boss so I can go whenever I’d like.

Sorry for the long post (potato)


Congratulations… so glad you r feeling good … trust me it gets better x

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I think im aa biggest fan … i love aa … the moment i walked through them doors i felt at home people really understood me and i cant thank the fellowship enough… its saved my life x


Welcome here. You are doing a big step in coming on to this app and admitting you have a problem. I love the people here and they are all great in giving you support. It helps a lot to come here and just read. Wishing you all the best. Let’s fight together.


Thanx sunshine :slight_smile:

Hey everybody. On day 8 and feeling great


Great news!!!

Day 9 almost hitting day 10 can’t believe it… Feeling OK not so overwhelmed right now…
I’m constantly annoyed with my husband. Why is that? he doesn’t do anything wrong but m so annoyed


Heya sunshine, I am speaking under correction however I think your irritation could be you transferring your frustration from the detox onto your husband sub-consiously. Or more simply put you are irritable because your body is detoxing and he is the closest thing to blame it on so everything he does is an irritation.

I would suggest finding some hobbies or something to keep you busy productively while you are going through this, so that you do not cause unneccisary tension in your relationship.
Remember detox can take a few weeks sometimes, every body’s system is different.


Hay your doing so well…as for the hubby getting on your nerves thats normal… mine couldn’t breath without me biting his head off or crying!!! Our emotions r everywhere… maybe sit him down and explain your doing a total life change and it does get better… x good luck x


Hello, @Sunshinegirl! I see you are now past one week and still staying sober, so big congratulations to you! Did you check out the AA meeting? Remember how poorly you felt, and your acceptance of attending a meeting. Because your are feeling successful now does not mean that you do not need AA in your sobriety toolbox! I hope you find lasting peace on your journey. :pray:


Congratulations on day 9. My husband, my kids, the neighbors, the dogs all pissed me off in the beginning. Noise, silence, the air my husband breathing everything rubbed me the wrong way. I sat everyone down and explained that i was struggling with detox and that i may be kind of a bitch for a while. I really tried not to be but boy did i apologize a ton in those first few months.
You are doing amazing. Dont forget to keep finding new ways to stay sober.
Movies about alcohol and recovery.
Ask for help
Rest and eat
Take care of you.
I had to act a little “selfish” and put me first.
Talk to your Dr if you need more help
Take it one day one hour one minute at a time.
You can do this


Hope you are having a great day 10

I’m more or less. Had to reset my counter to day 1 yesterday. I gave in and had some wine. Not much but a bit… It actually doesn’t matter how much… So keeping on fighting

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Welcome back.
Kudos to you on holding yourself accountable. That is a huge step. May I ask is to why you “gave in”?

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Why? Is a question you should be asking yourself.
You are stronger than this, you just have to have faith in yourself.

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There was no specific reason… It was weekend and weekends are a big trigger. In top of that I felt lonely and I really was alone. Kids were sleeping. I should have just come here. People here really save me… But I didn’t come here. I don’t always want to ask for help. You guys are helping soooo much already and I hardly support others here… I just feel selfish. Don’t know if you guys understand…
So going to bed sober made day 1 again thanks for listening to me!


Dunno about other people but I find being as helpful as I can on here also helps me a lot. So in a way, its kind of selfish on my part and a big support for me. :grin:

I cant imagine anyone on here would get annoyed with you asking for help.