The Little Thread of Sunshine 🌞 (with a chance of rain)

Im glad I am not the only one.

Please don’t ever hesitate to ask for help. We all have needed a helping hand in our journeys. There is absolutely no shame in asking for assistance when you need it, in fact there is strength in it.
I honestly hope the next time you have a craving that you reach out to a friend wether it be irl or on here. You are not alone.

In case you haven’t heard it today:
YOU’RE AWESOME & I LOVE YOU :grinning::call_me_hand:


Thank you everyone to stop by and send messages. This really means a lot to me. Happy sober second day. Wishing you all a great start into this week. I know I can do it…


@Sunshinegirl good morning! Well it’s morning here in SA, not sure where you are from. I totally understand not wanting to feel like a nag but the awesome thing about this forum is that it’s a place for just that, it’s a place to talk about our issues, because alot of us dont always have someone in real life to do so with every time we get a craving.

I’m on day 7 now and I figured I’d share because it helps me in a weird way, so yesterday my brother in law pissed me off and I got really bad news with regards to my business which is my lively hood and I have an exam tomorrow that I haven’t the slightest chance of passing because I have been way to busy working and moving house. So when my brother in law laid the bad news on me and then ruffled my feathers the wrong way as he tends to do. I just wanted to drink. I felt powerless and I’d had enough and all I wanted to do was go party till I passed out again. But my bf and I had work to do at home and he just kept wrangling me in because well I told him that all I want to do is drink, so I staid busy all day and telling him made it better and after a while it wasn’t really even on my mind anymore.

It was difficult to say hey bf your brother pissed me off and everything and now all I want to do is drink. Because I was afraid of scaring him. But telling him made it better.


Don’t fear reaching out, especially if it works. We are all here to help each other out. Offer advice and experience, because what we have done or are doing could help someone else.
There are no hard and fast rules to this. We all have our own journey, our own steps to take. But there is nothing to say that we can’t offer a supportive hand to our fellow travellers.
Learn from us and from yourself.


Why are you going sober?

That’s what I ask myself every time I get the urge. The second question I ask is

Why do you feel like drinking?

With those two questions at hand I pretty much feel disgusted at the thought of drinking.

Thats how I do it. But as mentioned, everyone is different. Find something powerful that works.for you. And remember, we all think we can control our intake, but unfortunately for a lot of us, it just doesn’t happen. Which is why we stop to avoid torturing ourselves and those around us.

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I had a bad day last week because of drinking. So it’s starting over for me too. I know I don’t need alcohol in my life I’ve proven that by getting to 2 months sober. But I’ve slipped up, I’ve made excuses, I refused to admit it is a problem. But I’m starting over. On day 3 here. I journal, check out these boards, and took up crocheting again. I have half a mind to start an etsy and my crochet projects and donate to a woman’s shelter/recovery center. I want to take the bad in my life and make it into something good. It’s not easy and I cannot count how many times I have tried. I know I can do it. And based off these forums everyone is very supportive. It’s not easy I have used alcohol as a coping mechanism for over a decade. But I want to be better for everyone who is rooting for me. And that is what keeps me going right now. Also my AA group is super nice and amazing and kind. Keep at it. Even if you feel alone; you’ll always have people rooting for you on this app. :heart:


Great tip the two questions! Thank you

Thank you so much

Keep the food work up. 7 days are already great!

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Sorry I meant good :slight_smile:

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On day three and fighting! But feeling alright. Thank you again for the support here. Wishing you all a great sunny day


Way to go!!!
Keep it up.

Stay strong. Stay focused.

Hope you are also doing good!!!

I am well. No complaints here. Thank you for inquiring.

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Keep fighting. @Sunshinegirl, just keep fighting.

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I think I’m leaving this app. Maybe I will come back one day… Probably sooner than later. I’m not in tnr right mindset. Don’t worry. Didn’t relapse but feel very sad and so unimportant to the world. No-one would even realize if I wasn’t there anymore… But that’s how our world is. Thanx for the support here.

You’ll always be important on here don’t leave it is a great help. It can help with your mindset just give it time. Big hugs x

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Hey, what’s up @Sunshinegirl?

Hay please dont leave … we all want to help u we all felt the same at some poi3thats why we r all here… x

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Sorry guys back on track… Was in a weird mood. Wishing you all a beautiful morning