The little voice is saying, "a drink would be nice today"

I’m on day 4 and the urges are starting. My thing was always going to a certain restaurant and sitting at the bar… i am only on day 4 and dreading what it will be like in a couple more days when they really get bad. I keep saying to myself “you know you won’t do this”. “you know there’s no way you are going to stop forever” etc. “You’ve been drinking since you were 14, how are you going to stop now?”. I know i won’t drink today but i already feel like such a failure.


Stop the self-directed psychological warfare. You haven’t drank, yet. Get outside of your head. You only have to say “no” to one drink: the first drink. If you say “no”, you win. 100% of the time.

You can do this. Decide to be better, and then be better. Keep getting better at getting better, each and every day.


Been drinking 30 years. Finally realized the lil voice, is a liar. Give it a name, or think of it as an annoying child’s voice, and hear that all it is doing is having a tantrum. Be strong, and keep coming here.


Hey there, I definitely understand your mindset. I was a go out on my own sit at the bar kind of gal. I also drink every day quite a bit. A little over seven months ago I decided to try to stop that. That little voice inside your head that’s telling you that you can’t stop is your addiction. It Will tell you anything to keep you drinking. Stop listening to it. When those thoughts pop pop, do something else. Go for a walk, call a friend, come on here. There is a you that you’re proud of, you’ve known her for the past four days. Try not to let past you’s creep into your mind. Stay strong, good luck out there today.
Much Love, Ely


Hey Lisa @LCP you’re NOT a failure, you’ve done 4 days and that’s brilliant. And I reckon that the longer you go without booze, the more you learn about making yourself a great- a BETTER THAN YOUBHAD BEFORE - life without booze, so you have more tools to keep off the booze, and in that way it gets a little easier. The life without booze gets more familiar, each booze free day you are creating new memories and new rituals and behaviours which don’t involve booze - they all make life more enjoyable - just without booze. Stick at it kiddo, you are your own biggest critic, and you will find lots of really experienced people on here with some very wise things to say (not me, I’m only on day 10 and I’m still learning, but I’ve already learned a lot from the wise old owls on this forum!!!)


Great idea giving it a name!


Sounds pretty freaking wise to me. :grin:

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I didn’t have a little voice, I had a big raging screaming voice telling me all the things I needed a drink for.

That’s when I asked my HP for the help. That’s when I remembered exactly why I got sober, in vivid detail, by playing the tape through. Thats when I went on an angry walk, looking for a fightn something to expell my rage on.

Those walks led me into a room, full of people who were sober. Full of hope. Full of shared pain. The room’s of AA were a sanctuary, a place I could relate to others.

Keep struggling, your mind is what is chaining you to the bottle.


The other little voice i saying “Go to a meeting”
Way more possibles by follwing this voice than the latter:)


I have a friend in my program who named the addict Buddy. Buddy Lies. “Buddy says I deserve this- Buddy lies. Buddy says I won’t ever stop-Buddy lies”.