The moment I get overwhelmed

I instantly think about drinking. Today is only day 2 and I know I’m not going to drink. I threw out the rest of my alcohol. I just can’t shake the craving. I dyed my hair. I read. Showered. Just feeling anxious, shakes, stress. A bunch of emotions. I have a group call at 530 so in about 2.5hrs it will be my first group and I’m nervous about that and how it will go. Ugh having a rough day.


Great job getting through today! Keep saying no, keep doing what you are doing and it does get better!

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Two days is a start. Glad you came here to share. We have all been where you are. You got this!

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This will be the worst you feel. One day at a time, and you got this!!

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I’m almost day 2 myself & have had the same emotions. So I poured a coke, hoping the sugar in that eases my cravings.


Get your mind off it. Be active, keep yourself moving around. Go for a hike, take in the scenery and let your mind wander about other things.