The "New System"

Aloha !
Mahalo for everyone who’s encouraged, inspired, tolerated, and most importantly, laughed with me over the past year while I struggled to maintain sobriety and keep momentum on the strait and narrow. I’ve been off the forum for a while, but not by choice. Looking back, I can see just how much my closest associates were a band of social bullies who emotionally kept me enslaved to their own addictions, perspectives, beliefs, and judgments. Fortunately, my will to live a sober and integral life far outweighed my need for their blessing and acceptance and I have since broken free from their distorted perspective on what’s ‘healthy’, ‘acceptable’, and ‘real’.

Reality is what you make it and if you’re like me, you make it up as you go along and edit as you go. I sure made a mess on my journey towards sobriety, truth, integrity, and mental ‘presence’ but fortunately I had help in building a pretty solid ‘sobriety tool box’ complete with the best friends my future ‘real life’ could ask for!

Mahalo again for all of you who believed in me, supported me, and encouraged me to NEVER GIVE UP!

I love you ALL!

The Intergalactic Unicorn


I am SO glad to have you back. The poetic way you look at the world is a huge inspiration to me.

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You with many other has made a huge impact on me .im very happy you are back , in only positive way ! Very grateful for that :slight_smile: as long as you are willing nothing else matters , life ain’t easy but you are a tough one .I belive in you and thank u again. Keep up the good work and be awesome !!:muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Good to see you @Naturehippy!

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