“The Next Drink Won’t Be Different”

Just a quote I read that I thought would help, it makes sense and I needed it. 111 Days sober, and being on quarantine, man I want some IPAs and Coors gold and some weed, but must refrain.
I try to convince myself that after this “journey” or “experiment” is over with, I can start over with drinking, because I won’t have the same demons, insecurities, problems, issues and anger like before.
However, I don’t want to take that chance so I’m putting my all into staying sober.


Actually the next drink was different… it was WAY more powerful. It cemented me into a relapse that lasted nearly 2 years of heavy daily drinking. I barely made it out this last time. I know that picking up again is a death sentence for me. Stay strong.


For sure on that, man. I heard a gentleman say once, " I know I got another drunk in me, just not sure if I have another recovery". Scared the shit out of me. Stay healthy & happy!


I keep thinking about “a drink”. But then I try to remember when was the last time I had “a drink?” I can honestly say I have never ever ever had “a drink.” In my 45 years of drinking I’ve had 2 or 3 drinks. I’ve have 9 or 10 drinks. I’ve drank all day. I’ve drank all night. But I cannot remember ever having “a drink.” Why would it be any different now?


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That’s so interesting and uncomfortable to think about but it is so true…I cant remember having just 1 drink. I never saw the point in 1 drink, I always had enough to really feel it and by that point I wouldn’t stop because I thought it made me happier and have more fun. People would always say why not just have one and I would think I might as well just drink water if I’m not going to get buzzed/drunk. So now I only order water, mentally and physically I am 100% better.


I drink my sparkling water like I use to drink my booze. I have 4 or 5 cans of LaCroix or similar. I can’t even have just one of them. And I feel so much better in the morning.


Thats my way… I never can have only one drink… Maybe okay one drink… But this will be a completely glass of gin
So its true i never will have one drink
So now its better to order a cola… This is a good way… Stay strong

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Great post! I struggled with the idea, errr hope, that the next drink would be different for a long time. I so badly wanted my drinking to be normal. “Well, if things get better in my relationship, if I move to a state 1000 miles away, if I find myself in the right career. I’ll just naturally start drinking normally So many things changed for me over the years, except for my unhealthy relationship with drugs and alcohol, that never did. When I started getting all of this therapeutic help for my deep emotional issues and traumas there was a second I thought “Okay, you’re really healing now, maybe that means you can use normally again!” I’m so glad I haven’t tested that theory because I know it’s another lie and also it really doesn’t matter. Because I know I can’t continue to heal without sobriety and I can’t accomplish everything I want in my life without sobriety. The next drink won’t be different and all of these options and opportunities that have opened up for me in the last 7 months will be gone if I go back.


Me too! It’s my go to. Love it so much.