The one month "Meh"!


I’ve been trying to get sober a while now, at my height I was a bottle of wine a night, every night, alone. Yeah, not ideal. I must have stunk of booze at work, it was literally my hobby. If I have alcohol in the house, I drink it, if I wake up and there’s alcohol left, I’ll drink it right then… Long story short, this is only going on one direction, and it’s not like I’m going to wake up one day unaddicted.

So I decided to kick it, over a year ago now, but it’s always the month sober, it’s like I get in so far and then just forget all the reasoning, or think an exception will be ok or I’m just bored… My head starts nagging for a drink again. It sucks.

It’s not like I drink one and bam I’m back in the deep end, it’s a slow slow creep, like I’ll accept a cocktail at my sister’s for Xmas, then, oh go on then, a drink at New year or a beer with a friend… Slowly but then I’ll find myself drinking wine on a week night again for no reason. It’s crap.

How do I avoid that one month Meh.

And do you ever truly truly reach the stage where you’re not interested in it at all and never think about it? How long did that take for you???


Write it out! That’s advice that was given to me early on. To write it out while it’s still fresh. A note to myself of all the things drinking was taking away, all the things it made worse, how I felt at the bottom.

And more than that, what I hoped to find if I were sober. What might be better? What might I have instead if I just don’t drink today.

Then if we ever forget, if we’re ever tempted, we just have to pull it out and read it. I still do, along with posts I’ve written here.

And now with some days behind me, I can instead write a gratitude list. All the things that have come true, and all the ways life is better and easier than I had even expected when I started.

Hi Badger, welcome!
I had to shift my mindset to “I’m a non drinker” and remove the option from my daily life. Also, thinking of all the negatives from it will help. There’s really no good reason to drink.
I guess that’s what works for me, going into 7 months!