The price of Freedom

Is Eternal Vigilance.

I am a bachelor this weekend. Just me and the Pups. Whole family is headed out of town for the weekend. I have a class to attend tomorrow morning, and someone needs to look after the dogs.

I am free of alcohol, and intend to stay that way. I know that being home, alone (except for the dogs), the temptation to drink may creep into my thinking. I know this, because I know me. I looked forward to these times before, because it meant I could drink as much as I wanted, and not worry about disappointing others. “You can have one, or two. Who will know?” “You’re a grown man, in your own house. You should be able to drink if you want to. Go ahead. Give yourself permission”

I will remain vigilant against this type of thinking. Who will know? I will know. Who will you be betraying? Me, that’s who.

I will remain free, by remaining vigilant against the greatest threat to my sobriety. Me.


Dude, yeah, I have told myself the exact same lies so many times. I am my own worst enemy. My own best thinking got me here. Feel free to DM me this weekend if you need someone to talk to while the family is away.

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Will do. Thanks for being there if I need it.

I can totally relate!! Being home alone is very hard for me. Heck, even being home with the kids is hard. When hubby is home that is when the hiding booze would come into play. So NOW it is easier to stay sober when he is home.

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And you can do it!! :slight_smile:

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I know I can. I’ve got 40 days. I can do 41, because I’ve done 40. Breath in. Breath out.

Plus I have all these beautiful souls here, like you. Day or night, someone will “roger up” when there’s an SOS.

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Just got a text from my 29 y/o son. He wrote “Hey Pop. Heard you are bachelor tonight. How bout I grab a meatball pizza and some soda, stop by and we’ll watch a war movie”.

Doing something I enjoy, with one of my kids.

God is good.