The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


It’s my stapler. I will burn your house down.


:joy: I just loled


Random fact… that stapler company that starts with an S didn’t have red staplers until office space came out. Then per demand, they released the Red Stapler


I did not know that! That S company does make my favorite stapler.


Will you be sharing what actually happened? I’m always curious, but asking has failed me many times… so yes or no? lol


I’m not entirely sure yet lol. The ex mentioned that she wanted to get coffee with me and not Shay is super pissed. Mostly at her I think, but she’s also not talking to me.


Sorry to hear your going through this​:disappointed: I also have to thank you for helping me out tonight…I just spent like a solid hour catching up on this thread :joy:

What a wild ride you’re having.

Is Shay not speaking to you? Or the ex?
I feel like you are really doing a great job with this whole situation and doing the mental and spiritual work to do it right.


Shay, which isn’t all that uncommon. She’ll be fine in the morning and we will pretend it didn’t happen. If she wants to talk we will, but she normally doesn’t. The ex however is probably going to have to deal with it bc I think that’s who Shay is really pissed at


Are y’all getting any counseling? Any combination of y’all?


She goes. I’ve offered to go, but things are pretty good between Shay and I. The ex is kinda messing it up now


Ummmmm… aren’t you and Shay not speaking?


Currently. It’ll be fine in the morning. I know her moods. This isn’t bad


So what’s the ex’s deal? And why is she bringing Shay down and Shay not talking to you? How are you feeling about this situation?


Like I said I’m not entirely sure what happened. I’m also not too concerned about it. Shay will be fine when she wakes up.


The baby got us up earlier than normal so that didn’t help. Shay is getting a nap now. Hopefully it helps


Shay and I are good again lol. Time for lunch at our favorite restaurant


So the last couple days have been fairly normal. Until ya know they weren’t. First the big news. Shay and I are planning to move to Florida at the end of 2019. I never thought I’d leave Syracuse but I’m actually excited for this.

Second, she had a bit of a slip and told me she loves me. We haven’t been saying that as we adjust to our lives as co-parents, but it’s nice to know the feelings are still there


The ex coming to florida too? The trio? Well shyt by then the fam! Lol have you discussed marraige at all or what last name it takes? Or Am i jumpin’ the gun too much? Lol


I didn’t ask, but I’m guessing no the ex isn’t coming. Not sure what’s going on there but her ex has to stay in NY thanks to her parole.


That should lighten the load quite a bit