The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


So Shay is choosing you over the Ex?


I think what you meant to say is, Moving to Yakima!


I don’t know, or look at it like that. I’m not in competition and I’m not trying to make her pick. I’m just trying to be as supportive as possible and be a good father.


My bucket list was go to New York, I’m not treaking to florida for a coffee :joy: :joy:, a change will be amazing for you guys…
What did you mean by shay had a slip?


On the “L” word ends in “ove”… Which is kinda universal. You can love like a friend,cousin,brother, or sister. Or a true love that has all your dedication and all your heart… Sometimes these two meanings of love can get confused in relationships when someone says they love you.


Well you have about 11 months until we would be moving.


That’s why we haven’t been saying it at all.


You trying to give me some Love :heart_eyes: here :kissing_heart: or did you reply to the wrong person :joy: :joy: :hugs:


You asked what shay “slipped” with. I answered but i just explained just with alil more in depth the dilemma he has…


Ah OK :slight_smile:, you’ll have to excuse the dippy Brit over here :wave: :joy:


Y’all get ready for tomorrow’s edition of “what the fuck could possibly happen in the middle of the night???”

I always thought sleep was my safety zone, but it turns out the world doesn’t stop when I nap. I would post the whole story but I really need sleep.


With kids… anything is possible man.


Substitute “my relationships” in place of “kids” for the win.

I will say Ella prevented mommy and daddy time this morning :disappointed_relieved:. That’s not happening enough for it to be ok. We have actually been really good about behaving ourselves, but Shay got a new hair cut and looks absolutely amazing so …


So the ex and Shay must have had something happen last night bc I got this text from the ex right around midnight:

Take care of them. Love them with everything you have in you. Give them all of you and make sure you never let them have anything less than everything. They deserve the world. Make sure you give that to them. Be the reason she smiles. Be the reason she wants to wake up in the morning. Be the knight in shining armor. I need you to do that. I don’t want a reply. I don’t need you to say anything to me. I just need you to take care of them the way I never could or can. Please.


Goodbye letter? Any other news, in the last 20 minutes?


Lol not in the last 20 minutes. The ex posted a bunch of weird shit on Facebook too


Oh, for the love! Good luck today, Derek! You might need it. :roll_eyes:


Sounds like closure to me, that’s a good thing for them to finally have that if that’s what it is.


You really think its gonna die that easy?.. This is derek we are talking about here…


Yeah I have a feeling this is just the prelude