The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Only a Powerball win will clear that


Dang I’m working on those mega millions, myself! :rofl:


When you win I’ll be working on a plan to rob you lol


I’ll be so filthy rich, I’ll just pay them off for you.


Tonight might be interesting. Shocking, I know, but I will probably have details tomorrow


So nothing is set in stone but I finally talked with Shay about our future. We aren’t getting back together, but we are going to work towards that as an end goal. I’m guessing she had a similar talk with the ex last night. Hence the crazy text and Facebook posts

Edit: I wasn’t really clear, but I’m assuming she told the ex that we are going to work it out


So, you’re not getting back together right now, but will in the future? What is wrong with you guys?

Not to be offensive, and I know you take criticism pretty well, but honestly! You guys still care for each other and you’re raising a baby together! Maybe she’s just an immature 20-somthing year old, but you guys need priorities. I believe that every child is endowed with a right to a home with a mother and a father who love them unconditionally.

You’re starting this human being’s life on rocky ground. Dont you mess their life up.


We have 6 months still. Plus we’ve been acting like a couple the last couple weeks. We are just taking things slowly, like we should have done originally. In reality we are together all the time, go on dates. We are basically doing everything but having sex atm


I guess I’m just irritated anytime I see the potential for a childhood being ruined by dumb parents. Not that you guys are dumb.


That’s the one thing we won’t allow to happen. We are in a great spot right now. Except I can’t watch anymore goddamn Elmo’s world


Wait until you start reading the talking version of “Elmo Can Use the Potty.”. Good times, my friend.:persevere:


We have a talking Elmo potty. Fuck me right?


Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! :joy:


I’d be happy to have Elmo on- my kids requested the Teletubbies the other day. Imagine how horrified I was when they discovered not only is it still on, but that it’s available on demand, one episode after another :weary:


La la la la, Elmo’s world! Oh man, I sing Sesame Street songs all day at work. I’m not kidding…

It’s time to get up… and stomp your feet

Fuck me



My eldest was teletubby mad. Can’t believe they are still around


We do Teletubbies on occasion but ain’t no one taking Elmo from this girl.


I can’t believe they got to the states!


:joy: :joy: I think we had it first