The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


I was JUST reading this! Wild!


Bennett is obsessed with a stupid show called Ruff Ruff, Tweet & Dave. Ugh. I want to smash the TV when that’s on!


Yup. I’ve watched my fair amount of that show too lol


I’ll be honest I just hate all cartoons now. Even if I’ve never seen ‘em.


Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t that happen fairly often out there?


Seems like a monthly basis… smh.


Only fair that you get to smash one. You buy the damn things


So Shay and Ella just left for 9 days to go visit her dad in Florida. It will be nice to have some quiet time but I miss them


Go get your flat fixed and ride your bike!


$$ is tight bc I just spent a ton on my car. Oh yeah, I also got my car back


I can totally watch Sesame Street with the kid. Telletubies tho man. Have you ever watched what’s going on there?? It’s like they are trying to hypnotize my kid into being a dumbass!


Need to go back to scooby doo and pinky and the brain… Cailou is horrible too! I used to just buy dvds of hello kitty. It was dealable. i got caught up watching the shyt… Smh


Do you know what I would give for nine days of solitude?:thinking:


Lol. I had 4 hours of solitude today. Pretty :sunglasses:


I’d take that too!:wink:


You can take mine. I’d rather have Ella and Shay here


Tell me that sgain when your kids are three and four!:wink:


Cailou is the damn devil. :japanese_ogre:


Don’t make me fly out there to fix it!!


Do it! It would be the perfect time to do it