The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


So not that this really involves me at all, but I may have discovered why the ex is no longer in the picture. So all the crazy shit she had been posting on facebook led me to believe that she was still trying to get Shay back or whatever. But yesterday she posted some pictures of her kissing some new girl, but then took them down today. So it appears that she was telling Shay how much she loved her or whatever, and then seeing someone else. Trash human. I am happy she’s out of the picture.


Honestly. I understand how it could be hard to be faithful. I’m a walking picture of betrayal, I guess. That being said, there’s nothing tying her to Shay. Time to cut any ties with her and push her out to sea.


(waving) Apropos of nothing, I’ve been in your state, eating your yogurt. Nice place ya got here. :+1:


What part were you in? Are you still here? How did I not see this post earlier?


You were too busy buying candles.:wink:


Ha, I was in NYC. Visiting my brother in Midtown. And nah, got back Friday.

Think you were falling asleep on celebration yogurt when this was posted.


I got good ones! The apartment smells awesome


I’m nowhere NYC so I wouldn’t have been able to come visit anyway


Yeahhhhh, I kinda figured. Was still thinking of all you east coasters. Nice being in your timezone a few days anyway!


Shay comes home tomorrow! I’ve never been so excited for a Monday!


Does anyone remember when I started this thread? My biggest concern was whether I should ask this girl out or not…


Ah… the memories.


Da fuck happened?


Only you can answer that one, my friend. Either you or @MoCatt. She can answer anything.


I’m leaving this one of to mocattucus of thebes


Lol. When you started this thread we weren’t really friends yet. So I never read it. I didn’t give a rip about your day to day life.
But then I glanced at it like a month ago and realized why my grandma watched soap operas.


April 2018

So this story isn’t as dramatic as the title would entail, but I met someone at a meeting today… I know the rules on dating and don’t intend to break em, but damn if it’s not gonna be tough


I’m pretty sure I’ve broken every single rule since I started this thread 9 months ago. As a result of my mistakes I’ve grown a lot as a person. In fact the rough spots I’ve caused myself have actually strengthened my recovery, though I wouldn’t recommend doing it my way to anyone lol.

Despite it all the last month of my life has probably been the best month of my life. Things are finally starting to calm down and I am content.


You’re a good man, Charlie Brown


So in other news… It’s a boy!!!