The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Holy shit!!! Congratulations!! Great news man. I’m really happy for you guys!


Get ready for a very small taste of my life! :heart_eyes:


Broken TV’s all over the damn place


The number of broken TVs happens to be proportionate to the number of boys in your house.


Yessssss! Mini-Derek. :+1:

Congrats, yo!


Lol … Instead of pissed off all the time … Get used to being pissed on…:grin:


Omg that means you have to exercise now to get into shape for playing all those sports with the little man , get on those push ups Derek :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The rough spots are where we achieve the most spiritual growth. Just got my regular status back and catching up, I was going to ask @MoCatt to publish a catch-up highlight but instead it was like I was bingewatching and catching up on my favourite TV show.

I must say Derek you appear to have grown massively since this thread begun. I pray you find that happy content life you deserve with your new young family.

From a drama point of view it’s great drama, and there’s even gay drama to boot and you know I’ve had my fair share of gay drama with an ex, it isn’t easy and you’re hetero :joy: so well done for keeping it all together.

I’m done with drama in my life, I set boundaries and shut the door on it and it feels good. Letting other people’s drama impact ourselves is not good and you seem to be coping very well. That’s spiritual growth right there.

Excited to meet your son when he arrives, I can see him being very proud of you in the future.

Stay strong and stay sober and keep trudging the road of happy destiny.


Yeah I’d imagine reading this thread straight through is pretty interesting lol. All is calm on the Western front now


You got the benefit of the whole saga!:slightly_smiling_face:


I think I might do a temporary switch of this thread to the main forum so people can get a view of what unmanageable looks like in sobriety.

That, and to offer a glimpse into the insanity of the lounge hahaha


Going back to September is how this thread got it’s name. Thanks csunfurries.


@Twowaymirror I’m sorry you had to go back and read all this nonsense lol


Lol. Yeah, I jumped on and had like 19 notifications from Silas.


@Englishd it’s all good. It was nice to catch up on your life after being gone bro! Miss you.

@rmgrimmer lol sorry. :grin::rofl::upside_down_face:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: we’re just happy to have you here!


Confession: I no longer remember how the furries thing started except @rmgrimmer was new and offended. I remember some of it got deleted. Lol, never thought I would forget those things. It feels like another life now.


I have no idea how we started talking about furries, but I do know that csunfurries was my ten letter word lol


I think it was because someone posted a video of some chick in a bikini.

As I understand it, furries are genuinely nice people!