The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Cuz perverts that we are someone mentioned furries and u, @Englishd @Donnie_Spiering @CaptAZ and i automatically associated it with orgies in the woods and ran with it :laughing:


This is just too adorable :heart_eyes:


I honestly can’t believe we got her to sit still long enough. We just told my parents today that it’s a boy.


Awesome, I bet they are so excited as you are too have to tell you, boys are normally all about their mum’s :grin: my 8yr old will still sit on my lap and cuddle into me. And Ella is such a beauty well done on having a well behaved 1yr old :+1:


She’s a total daddy’s girl at this age lol.


Always seems to typically go that way, Daddy’s girl and Mummy’s boy, never figured out why that is though


Wow, over 2 weeks of no drama. I’m digging sobriety.

In bigish news update though. I have permission from Shay’s father to ask her to marry me! Commence ring shopping.


Oh wow how exciting!!! Any ideas on how you’re going to propose?


Step 1: buy a ring
Step 2: no idea


:joy: :joy: All the gear , no idea :bulb:


Oh dang! I have ideas.

  1. Flashmob
  2. Million dollar yacht
  3. Jello

I’ve got more…


Make sure it’s something super thoughtful and sweet.


Derek is not very good at thinking :yum:



He just said he had no idea lol. Does she check this thread? :thinking: How are we to help if this is a possibility?


I hope she is never exposed to this fuckery :sunglasses:


Pretty sure he said once before he let her read this thread, gave her all login info, etc.


… let’s make it private friend :smiley:

Edit: Maybe he doesn’t need help :thinking:


Hell yeah man, thats awesome. Do u guys go to any meetings together or u go seperate ways? If u do and u both know the group at a particular meeting well enough that they wouldnt mind the interuption u should volunteer to read the traditions and kinda inconspicuously drop it in the middle of them and see if she notices. Im sure there’d prob be some hater or strict old timers that didnt like it but most of the people at a ypaa meeting would prob be cool with it :thinking:


We actually made a deal a while ago to split up our meetings. We both go to the same club house. I go to the noon. She goes to the 530. I know she doesn’t want anything big, so it will probably be just her and I


Just had to make an emergency landing on our flight home. Now Shay won’t get back on a plane so we are driving home.