The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Huge congratulations, Derek!


Congratulations Derek!!!


Congrats. Big event in your Life, enjoy it


Congrats Derek!!!


Congratulations Derek :tada:


I’m happy for you and your family, Derek! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Confirmation that she did say yes.


Congrats my dude. Now don’t fuck it up by doing things that you think are a good idea :joy::rofl:

@Neighbrofthebeast668 hentai body pillow :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I about pissed myself


The culmination to the red derek diaries…man this show ended quick, and it started out so well i thought it was gonna last a couple seasons at least :confused:


You never know. They might throw in one of those big end of season finale’s if people shout enough. And maybe still leave a cliff hanger!:laughing:


There better not be a sequel to this story…


Kudos @Englishd on your engagement. She has a nice hand😁


Congratulations brother


The saga has come full circle.

For those of you following along since the beginning. First, off what the hell is wrong with you?

Second, Shay and I went to dinner the other night and the girl that was our server, was actually the first girl from this thread. Shay knows her as well, and made the comment “Isn’t that the girl you used to have a crush on???” Cannot make this shit up.

Also, is anyone a wedding photographer? Hit me up.



You couldn’t write it better!


Some manufactured drama.

Weddings are expensive…

That’s all


Whatevs, dude. My wedding cost less than $1800. Dress, food, venue, all of it. I will never understand people who blow tons of money on weddings. Why start your marriage in debt or poor? Why save up thousands upon thousands for a huge “dream wedding” that will be over in only a few hours with little to show for it but a box of pictures?

Save the money, do a classy thing on a small scale.


My boss officiated a wedding out in the Sierras with everyone days from civilization, covered in dust and sweat. $0. Small party but hear the view was amazing.


Venue - $2300. Catering $2900. Port-a-potty $850 (wtf!!!) Photographer $1200. DJ $400. Rooms at the B&B $550. Save the dates $250. Fucking stamps $35. Invitations $unknown. Dress & tux $getting married naked at this point. Liquor License $35 (thanks NY for allowing me to give my family beer). Soda, beer, wine, water $resurrecting Jesus to cover this. Rings under $1000 I hope.

Luckily my parents are kicking in a generous amount and her dad is covering the port-a-potty, but still what a racket. I’m in the wrong goddamn business. I could make a killing fleecing people on wedding shit.