The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Yeah, you better get some dang fine stuff out of this. That sounds pricy! We had friends that were photographers. We got a discount. Also had friends who had an awesome venue on their property. Tux and dress were like less than $500. We did food ourselves. Being as im a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, i dont drink. Neither does any of our family, and only a few of our friends. Naturally, people expected that it would be a dry wedding.


Cheesecake, no pastry lid!


Well at least the dowry includes the shitter rental! :rofl: Couldn’t help it! LOL. I cant believe it is THAT much for those!


If i had to own, haul, fill with that blue water, EMPTY, and haul off one of those things it’d cost about twice that :rofl::joy:


I think mine was even less-if it’s a competition, and it’s a competition :wink:


I’m embarrassed to admit mine was $25,000. My parents wanted it. I went along with it.


For that much money it must have been extravagant. Right?


Um not really. It had all the usual stuff but I wouldn’t say it was over the top or anything like that. It was nice.


It’s one of those fancy portable bathrooms


Ok, I literally googled those exact words, I had no idea such a thing existed! Lol


If they had the money for it, more power to them!


Yup they were happy.


I think my wedding cost around $10 000 but we also got married in Hawaii, and stayed for 2 weeks. My parents paid for the venue and the dinner- we had less than 20 guests- and it was worth it to walk down the aisle to a big Hawaiian dude playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on a ukelele while humpback whales breached in the harbour at sunset. I actually very rarely look at the professional photos- some of the ones friends and family took were just as good :blush:


That sounds beautiful


Me reading the first couple of posts of this thread…

Me after skipping ahead all the way to where you are now…

Congratulations Derek and Shay, thats good stuff!!!


Hahahaha that’s hilarious


That’s a very accurate description of this thread…


Congrats @Englishd. Just read the news. Took me a few days to get through your thread.

My son is a wedding photographer. But we live too far away being in the USA.

You mentioned a girl named Bumble we earlier. What about her?


Hes in the US, “English D” is just his porn name :laughing:


Gay porn name