The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


OMG. I feel like such a dummy. All this time, I thought he was referring to places in England. Now I’m going to have to reread the entire thread. Doh! :hushed:

How far away is @Englishd from Illinois?


So what about Bumble?


Lmao, i wasnt gonna call him out like that but yeah :rofl:
Also, the “English” part is a reference to the term english as it applies in pool cuz his junk curves to one side, not British people :laughing:
@KevinesKay hes in upstate NY, not sure about the Bumble thing, its been a minute since i read this whole thread and i dont think my pickled alcoholic brain could handle rereading it all lol
If youre referring to the app, as @Rain666 just implied ud be more likely to find him on Grindr than Bumble :joy:


(pssst… the thread title. :wink:)


That’s so cool. My dad was born and grew up in Syracuse, NY.

That’s about a 12 hour drive. @Englishd, have you set a date for the wedding yet?


August 17. We have everything booked finally


Made my day :joy:


Amen. I’m not even married and I couldn’t agree more. Blow tons of money on people who are just there for the food/drinks.


All right @Englishd, I’ll make you a deal.

May TS be my witness.

If you two actually follow through with this wedding, I’ll Zelle you $50. Consider it a wedding gift.

And if you two manage to stay together and still married after one year, I’ll Zelle you another $100.


August 17th is a great day it’s my birthday lol congrats!