The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


One of my childhood best friends got her tubes tied after she had 2 kids. First one at age 17 was adopted out. Second one was about 10 years later, she still has him and has done her best to raise him well on her own as dad really isn’t in the picture and never has been. She asked me when he was around age 5 to be a surrogate mother as she had just gotten married and her new husband wanted his own kids. The thing is, she had no money for treatments or to reverse her procedure so I’m not honestly sure if she wanted me to surrogate or actually make my own baby with her husband…Either way, I quickly declined!! I didn’t feel she could financially or mentally handle another kid, plus they didn’t feel stable to me in their relationship. Then I felt guilty because who am I to think any of that about their life? Not my life! But I would be crazy invested in it if I did something like that. I’m still glad I said no. They divorced within 6 months… If the right circumstances presented it, I would consider it. But that certainly wasn’t it and I wouldn’t have my egg being raised by someone else, it would have to be a true surrogate only. Must be weird to be a man in this position!


Honestly I think it would be tougher to have been in your position. A surrogate mother is there for 9 months. Mine is just putting it in a cup. I dunno still, I’m kinda seeing where the day goes.

@DowntroddenGoat, I love you, but not everything is the disaster you make it out to be.


Right but I personally would rather carry two other people’s babies for 9 months than have a kid that is half mine I can’t raise the rest of their life. Pregnancy agreed with my 19 year old body. May not be the same now but still, I couldn’t do it if it was mine. Can’t change genetics and if I’ve got a baby out there, there is no way I could let it go to another couple.


I would agree if they have a 9 month old rite now they havent even seen the hard part yet. Let alone add another kid to the mix. Make sure the kids atleast going to have a good life. Right now to me is not the time


Man I can never seem to keep up with this thread. It stays dead for days them boom 100s of posts in one night :joy:


Gotta agree with @Donnie_Spiering here. I got pregnant with my second when my first was 11 months old. I had absolutely no idea how hard it would be to have two babies in diapers. It’s still tough now that they are two and four. Ideally we would have spaced them out a little more, but we were in a bit of a rush because of my age.


Who am I to deny someone their misery lol. Honestly, I have a feeling that she’s going to do it regardless so it’s not like I will be the cause of her having kids that close together. I do plan on taking time with the decision to see how serious she is about it. As of today I’m leaning towards no.


Well if it were me and my seed. I would want my “child” although i had no control or influence in its life to have a good life. I would want to see the child flourish in a happy life and family. Although its not yours it still is a part of you. I would not want to just give someone a kid because they want one. Id want no parts of it and walk away. I hope you consider and keep toward the no side personally. Keep it for when your ready…


You dont have to be the one to supply them that misery though. We had 3 in diapers for about 3 years total. It sucked. Twins were really hard, especially with a brother that is only 13 months older than them.

Going from one to two (three for me) is no joke. Suddenly going out to do things is no longer simple. You almost have to have more than one adult just to watch them.


My 2nd and 3rd are close in age, two in diapers was not fun and there were days I was ready to run away and change my name. Now they are 22 and 20 and I miss those days.


That’s good to hear. I know I will eventually miss these days too!


I have landed on a hard Fuck No. Ain’t happening.


So let it be said, so let it be done!


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