The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Yeah I probably should have…


Hahahaha! This is almost as good as when we were doing evil apples then other day and I decided to be consistent with a card and scream “releasing the virus” when I orgasm.


Sara Borges is the profile name.


Mercy. I want to sex. I shouldn’t tease whores who are clearly practicing English as a second language.


I mean, it is a future plan. A reread makes it seem like I have been already able to do this.


She was from Ohio. Do they speak English there lol


Nope. Snatchdoodle


Shame she wasnt from ida-ho


To me, there is no shame in the hustle but this individual doesn’t seem very good at the hustle…


It takes a lot more skill than that to hustle a heroin addict. We wrote the goddamn hustling manuel


She is obviously not a native English speaker.


Yeah I’m thinking India by the pictures​ and other friends


I’d probably look at Indian t+a if she was throwing I’m around freebies. They are beautiful people.


Her profile picture was a cute blonde. I’m guessing they hijacked her account.

I do look brown girls though. Closest I ever came was a Japanese girl. She was a gymnast for Kent State. I won’t give her name bc she’s easy to find on Google, but she was easily the best looking girl I’ve ever been with


I had this awesome “foreign” summer where I dated both a giy from Egypt and a guy from El Salvador. They were both hot and both very bad choices. :blush: Good times while fucking up.


Yup…that’s a dude bruh :laughing:


Found him!


More hot pockets!



The catfisher is back. She just sent me a text message. How the fuck did they get my number?