The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


I will say the Syracuse cops acted in a very professional and sympathetic manner. I’m very impressed


Score one for decent cops…of course that wont be in any newspapers tho. wouldnt get coverage unless they shot or beat the hell out of somebody


Um, what is boot burning?



Your boots are on fire dude :wink:


Literally, exactly that


Survived the night with no further drama. I slept on a couch and didn’t get much rest. It’s going to be a long day.

Full details later.


I’m intrigued. Never seen boots on fire before!


I failed to take any pictures, but they burnt quite well


Jeez man I thought this show was finally starting to get a little action…now it’s gone from real world to a shittier version of game of thrones. “Its coming, just keep watching…no seriously hold on its gonna be good”


My boss is meeting with me soon but I will start.

As I’m getting home I get a call from my friend that she just caught her gf using again. She had like 14 months clean. This is also the couple that was wanted me to be a sperm donor. Obviously I made the right decision there lol.

She’s pretty upset at this point so me and another girl from AA go over to sit with her. There’s also a possibility that her now ex is going to stop by.

As we are sitting there my friend calls her bank (they had a joint account) only to find out that her ex drained the account. So my friend takes the exes very expensive and very new work boots and decides to have a boot BBQ. They burned a lot better than I thought.

No sooner than the flames have gone out, does the ex appear at the house, trying to get in. It should be noted that when my friend found out they were about 30 miles from Syracuse and she straight up left her ex in the Walmart parking lot. We all go inside and lock the doors. The ex won’t leave so the police get called. The ex leaves before they arrive.

I ended up crashing on the couch just in case the ex comes back, which thankfully doesn’t happen. My friend is currently at the exes parole officers office filing a report. So yeah, that was my night…


Holy fuck. I thought burning boots was slang for something. Didn’t realize you meant literally. Turning boots. I find that more than a little amusing. I’m sorry your friend is going through this. Glad you were there to help and support her. Exhausted? Oh and how badly do burning boots smell?


Not much they can do when you open a joint account… They are legally bonded to the account to make withdrawls even if its not her money. No permission is needed… Been there and done it before … She better lace them boots up and open a single account…


Yeah all the accounts have been closed, but damage done.

@Hope0110 they smell like burning rubber lol


Hot damn. 14 months sober and how look at how quickly and how many others entire lives just flipped upside down? So sad. That just reminded me to never get complacent and think I can use once-no matter how much time is under our belt we can lose everything that quickly!


Dude, drama has a way of following you. Those chicks sound like they have a whole lot of crazy going on!


So here’s a funny thing. She wasn’t working any type of program and as soon as it was in front of her she relapsed. She should know better, but just thought she would get clean and not change anything. So naturally she kept a lot of the same friends. Then she got high


Yeah, that sucks…did it once and shes already cleaned out the bank account. It’s a wonder she isnt dead already, heroin doesnt fuck around :confused: prob best ur friend stays away from her but I hope for her sake she finds her way back out.


Yeah not to be shitty but I kinda hope she gets locked up bc that will at least get her cleaned back up. She needs a damn program though. She’s got enough relapses under her belt to show she can’t do it her way.

It’s funny, I actually ran with her at the start of my first relapse.

My friend definitely isn’t letting her back around. That bridge was burned along with the boots


Found you some socks today…:joy: