The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


All hail my sober sis MoCatticus of Thebes: Chronicler of the Threads!


Have you ever stepped off a curb and narrowly avoided being hit by a bus?

I can now say that I have.

So that girl who wanted my seed, then subsequently found her gf using is…

Go ahead and guess. I’ll give you a minute.


I seriously have SO many guesses right now, and am now in suspense! I hope you spill it before my meeting starts in 28 minutes lol


Please guess. It’s probably your best answer, and worse case scenario


First guess, is using also. Then second was crazy off the wall that she was pregnant


As alcoholics our first thought is always wrong. But not our second…


Omg!!! No. Way. I feel like a valley girl right now :joy:


This is straight up my higher power working in my life. Working friggin overtime


Pregnant! A Serial Killer? Secretly chopping off neighborhood cats tails to make a really excellent cloak?


She would probably rather have the last two


Your relative? Arrested for child abuse? I second the serial killer vote!


Good options! What if she’s secretly Al Qaida?


Already engaged to a serial killer(my brother’s ex did that)?


… bound and determined to get your seed when you least expect it!


Just went with her to get another pregnancy test. I hope it’s a boy so she can name it Derek


Sooo…silly question but who’s the dad if she is??


Some dude from Albany.


Poor thing Albany men are the worst.


“This one is particularly long. I think I started it back in April sometime. It really picked up the first weekend in May.

@MoCatt I think your services are called for lol”

OMG. I shall have to index this and add footnotes. @L3AH - please feel no shame in being unable to untangle the many complicated threads of our beloved @Englishd. Half measures availed us nothing. It is a full time job. I will soon update the Cliff Notes.


Hurray, she’s arrived!