The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


This would be interesting haha I’d enjoy that


But Derek…if she was pregnant anyways…and she’s a lesbian…please explain.


Good point!


My mom’s a lesbian and has four bio kids. It happens all the time, we out here.


Sperm donor. I figured you guys would be taught science over there :joy:


How many damn sperm donors was she looking to use? Shit man! Haha, at least it wasn’t you. Now you can be a good friend without all the extra crazy.


There’s still plenty of crazy to go around. She wants me to help raise it. This is getting to the point where this isn’t good for my sobriety lol


I understand that she’s in a shitty situation right now, but she should know better when it comes to someone in recovery. Just plainly tell her that it’s not good for you to be involved like that. I feel for the poor girl, I really do, but clearly you are my priority. Ughh, but it really does break my heart.


Once she comes to her senses she will remember there’s a reason I’m 33 and don’t have kids lol


Help raise it…tell her to go find the guy in Albany…like wise 35 and no kids. Don’t want any either. My life is wild enough without adding kids to this 3 ring circus I run.


He’s less capable than me lol.

This mornings test came back negative. So who knows


I would not go compare our educational systems. The Pisa study shows that your education System should go to school :yum: I was kinda waiting for a New Twist in the plot.


@Englishd - the timing of all this is concerning. Sixteen days ago they were asking you to be the biological father of their child. Yesterday, she thought she was pregnant? That would indicate that she either had sex with someone else or was artificially inseminated with someone else’s sperm at almost exactly the same time they were asking for you to be their guy - without disclosing this information to you. And now you are accompanying her to buy pregnancy tests and burn boots. You know I love you. (And I really do mean that.). Having said that, I’m worried that this situation is all sorts of messy, triangulated, and dramatic - to which the unhealthy parts of us addicts and alcoholics tend to gravitate. I know you work a strong program. Just asking you to consider if this relationship - at this level - is good for your sobriety. (End protective rant here.) :heart:


Oh I was well aware she was going to another guy for it. I encouraged it lol. I wanted no part in those shenanigans


Fair enough. But it’s still messy and dramatic. You are such a good friend - maybe just proceed with a bit of caution?


I’ve been introducing her to my female friends in the rooms. This is female friends territory lol


Friends or not, I vote RUN DEREK RUN. Don’t look back!


Damn straight


Buy red line tests. Blue are notoriously false or hard to read. I am a fan if the $0.88 walmart cheapies myself and also may 2018 Babycenter birth board members endorse these for those who are POAS (pee on a stick) addicted. Mine was positive and easy to read about 2 1/2 weeks after the concerning sex. Would probably have shown sooner but I wasn’t hip to it yet. Looked like this. Super easy and cheap AF.


I am not buying anything lol. I will accompany her to Walmart bc I’m legit worried she might drink. Once she’s to the point where I don’t think she’s going to drink I will let my other (female) friend take the lead