The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Well for your future Real Life shenanigans then. :smiley:


Lordddd. I hope not… I hope he looks next to them for the plan b although it cost 30 times more …



Girl is your friend but I feel clear on saying I think she needs to keep working her steps.


Thank God you’re back.


That’s another crazy tale for another time lol. I would tell it now, but I’m out running with Mr. Gump and Mr. Goat


Haha, I feel like I should have started with this statement. All that nice, mushy shit that came out of my mouth didn’t have the same effect. So, yeah…



Uh huh…that just reminded me of this…

And this…

I do believe an apology is in order my friend lol, always trust the goat dude, always trust the goat…


That’s a deep dig. Had I actually gone through with it I would apologize. The fact that I decided to listen to everyone here dictates that I don’t need to apologize. they can all sleep well knowing that I kept my seed where it belongs. A tube sock.


Nah, that ain’t exactly right either…poor socks, I’d say that thing manufacturing the seed needs a dip in a uranium filled fleshlight :laughing:


I’m at a different noon meeting to meet a newcomer, and guess who is there? The girl from the first post of this thread


Of course she is.


The saga continues


To scroll to the beginning, or not to scroll…that there is the problem


It’s literally the first post lol


Ok buddy. Just to spite you I did scroll up. It took me three tramstops, walk across the street and up the stairs and then sitting down and scrolling for minutes…I want my 8 minutes back mister :frowning:
And yes I do realise there is probably a way to just push a button to get to the beginning of the thread…I am aware of that while i’m on my laptop…however such possibility hasn’t presented itself to me on my honor 8…so D. how about them 8 minutes :wink:


Oh…while scrolling I did realise I haven’t seen Drama Llama in ages…


Drama llama is not far. She wants to get more involved with young people, so I told her about our YPAA group. There’s a chance I will be seeing her a lot more.


Are you involved in YPAA yourself?


Yeah, I’m the outreach chair. My whole position is connecting with new members and being visible at different meetings


ok…I’ve not been to ypaa events cause I hate young people :wink: