The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Little bit of self loathing going on there?


it was a joke…just haven’t felt like I wanna go there…I feel fine with the old geezers…


I love the old white men in suspenders, but YPAA has been great for me. It’s a very active group. We are going camping this weekend


Cool…I’ve sort of gotten that side of my life together with the recovering people at this organisation called stop drugs…we’re going swimming and sauna tomorrow…and those are mainly younger NA ppl


That’s awesome. I still go to NA here, but I’m more concerned with helping get our area back on track there.


I’m glad that starting the school this week hasn’t affected my meeting routine at all…been going every night


So my sponsor finally thinks I’m ready to date lol. I was talking to him about some people from AA who I hang out with. Turns out one of my friends is my sponsors wife’s sponsor. My sponsor wants to try and set me up with her.

If I weren’t already in a relationship I would have taken him up on his offer.


In the immortal words of @Snowflake



Which part? There’s been a lot going on the last few days haha



Dude, I really need to start hanging out with you. Most of your friends are lesbians and women just throw themselves around you. Or other people throw them at you. WHATEVER! But you can keep the batshit ones for yourself.


Actually the one my sponsor wants to hook me up with is relatively sane. Especially compared to what I normally like lol. I was at the meeting where she picked up her 10 year coin lol


You are the sobriety cougar hunter. Haha, now we REALLY have a reality tv show!


She’s younger than me lol. She just has waaaay more sobriety than I do.


But she’s got a ton of clean time. She’s sober old. Cougar!


See, I be thinkin this sometimes too, but I try to remind myself that this is all taken from context, our good friend Derek could be swimmin in a sea of swamp donkeys :thinking:


The one cougar that asked me out tonight definitely was lol. I wasn’t even going to bring that up haha. But in the interest of full disclosure, not all the women that are attracted to me are good looking haha. The girl my sponsor wants to hook me up with is. She’s probably out of my league too


Shyttttt…i love to cougar chase. I hate an easy cat chase. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:laughing::joy::laughing: so she could have actually been a cougar is what ur sayin? Btw no judgement man, I didnt mean to call u out, hell sometimes ridin a donkey is the best way to get where ur goin right?


I’m extremely offended.


I’m dying laughing at that one!!! Riding a donkey…:joy::rofl::joy: