The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


So, this must be where I went wrong with N____… I just made it way too easy cuz I figured we were too old to play cat and mouse if we dug eachother. 4 years trying to fix something that was wrong before I ever officially fucked it up with my drinking shenanigans…


Wait, I’m lost…is this a big Deracuse reveal?? Are u a lurkin swamp donkey Rob??? I mean, I knew all those family pics looked like the stock photo of good lookin people that comes in the picture frame when u buy it but u had me convinced… mind blown!! :exploding_head:



:joy::laughing::joy: oh man, this right here all day long haha “yeah, shes ugly but she sho can cook baby!” Lmao


Ok so I thought you were still with the chick that you made out with in front of her father at an aa retreat. But your still playing the field?


This whole discussion reminded me of this one…


You got me. I just major catfished all of you. I’m actually a old, single obese guy that sits in his mom’s basement eating cheetos all day. The porn addiction was true though…


This thread is too much for me… can’t believe I read all of that. I need more than 41 days of sobriety to tackle all of this! Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Definitely not playing the field, and my sponsor knows this, which makes it all the funnier.


I swear to goodness, Derek - you Syracuse AA people have sober trees that don’t fork! And people make fun of the south…


Us sober folks stick to ourselves lol. I also have a very large network bc I go to a lot of different meetings in both AA and NA. My sponsor is NA, his wife is AA


Your grand sponsor is your girlfriend’s ex-husband’s sponsor. Now your sponsor wants to set you up with one of your friends who is your sponsors wife’s sponsor. You make out in the same room with your now girlfriend’s father. Your lesbian friends want you to father their child (who may or may not be a bun in the boot burning oven - and who may have been fathered already.) Today you see the girl who started Bachelor in AA Paradise and tonight you are cougar food. Heck - I wouldn’t be surprised if Jewish interviewing porn girl is your sponsor’s best friend’s cousin’s daughter - who is in NA.

The tree does. not. fork.


Jeesh, when you sum it up like that…

However, this sobriety thing is quite a trip lol. Each new day is exciting AF.


How…? I mean…you just summed up…like…anyway…you have a gift, my friend.


It’s crazy isnt it?? We thought we were having so much fun getting high and drunk all the time like we were the ones living it up and everyone else didnt know what they were missing. I dont think I’ve ever been so glad to be wrong about something in my whole life, especially hangin out in aa and na with like minded people that did the same stupid shit and had the same epiphany. Kinda like a crowd on a sidewalk and a big assed bus came around the corner out of control and we all jumped out of the way just in time. :grin:


Derek…you might wanna check this video out. Don’t fall for the crazies…


Oh jeez :joy::joy::joy: someone needs to start diagramming @Englishd’s encounters…lol


I get good material😘.


I would say the one my sponsor is trying to set me up with is fun zone, approaching wife zone.


Ooooooo - wife zone?