The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


I’m just giving an honest assessment. I won’t be pursuing it at this time. She’s also in the group of friends I have from AA. No need to upset the apple cart. Don’t shit where you eat. All that stuff


You are already shytin just out side the door. You can still smell it when you eat…haha


So you’re saying I should go for it?


@MoCatt is AMAZING at summaries!!! She’s fantastic at that!


Y’all are sweet. I became good at condensing tons of information down to a couple of sentences when I had to write case notes for my clients. That was easy. The life of @Englishd is much more of a challenge.:wink:


I feel like I should be sending commission checks or something


Invite me to your wedding if you find someone to go in your “wife zone.” :kissing_heart:


Damn rite… If shes a cougar like that… Im sure its worth it.


I’m not really going to get into any details bc even for me this is private. Just know that drama llama has found a home in Syracuse NY and won’t be leaving anytime soon.



Honey, I’m home! So this is what Derek’s world looks like. Nice place you got here :earth_asia::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


You have no idea.


I’m not scrolling back, so you’re right :smile: I’ll just be delighted by all things you, from this point on :+1:t3:


This is a whole new issue (of course) so reading back wouldn’t help. I tried to call my sponsor but his phone was off. I’m not going to pick up or anything but I’m in a not so great situation.


Why’s his phone off? And why, what happened??


Hopefully he’s having some private time with his wife :joy:

And more will be revealed when the time is right.


I love this site and feel safe sharing here, but some issues are best left for face to face.


Only you can be hoping that for your sponsor, while you’re in a bad place :smile: if you need face to face can you call someone else tonight? Are you ok till the morning?


We have traced the llamas back to @CaptAZ area. We are investigating the beards involvement 44-PM

We have also learned that they are jealous of this thread.


This site has been a Godsend for me. Like many of us, I’ve had a somewhat tortured history with sobriety. When I was in treatment, one of my fellow patients echoed the sentiment in the Big Book and said that all alcoholics have a “trapdoor,” the idea that we all think that we can go back out, until it gets so bad you want sobriety more than the buzz. I have finally reached that point, for good. It is actually a relief. No more worrying or planning, and more time with my kids. I really do feel relieved, and can’t wait to put a bunch more time behind me.


Lol are those them llamas that got loose and had a little walkabout? Sun City is where the old folks live, I’m about 3 minutes from there lol.