The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


It comes full circle!

I was talking to a really good friend of mine from NA tonight and we were sharing stories about the new women in our life.

And he is dating none other than the girl from the original post in this thread!



Oh, how life works out!


You never know when this thread is gonna pop off… 46 replies since I last was on before work.


What?? He’s dating hot girl that went up to you and starting talking to you???


He sure is, but he sounds kinda iffy about it.


D, I can’t even begin to keep up with the crazy that is sober life in Syracuse. It’s like 3 degrees of Derek English. It reminds me of the old school lesbian community of Pittsburgh. Like older than me. Everyone dated everyone else and ended up married to the person their best friend dated 30 years ago.

Also, I want to see the picture!


Check your private message


Thoughts? I’m guessing you’ve seen the picture?


She’s pretty. Way out of Derek’s league.


This is true


I’m with Rob, way out of your league. So what’s her number? :money_mouth_face:

She is too hot and too young to not be crazy. If there’s one thing I know, it’s hot, young lesbians and/or bisexuals. Good luck bro. But really, I hope things go well.


I’m not giving up her number. I don’t want you stealing her back :joy:


Yeah, you need to keep her sheltered, or else she’s going to ditch you for the next best thing, which is likely any thing.:joy:


Man. I think you are posting in the wrong thread. A guy gets a little bit of good in his life and the haters come out in force


Sorry bro! You’re having good things happen, because of how you’ve reshaped your life! Karma!


You will have a crappy table at the wedding. I was going to give you table 2. But now you will be at table 39 with the rest of the TS haters


I get to come to the wedding?! Man, this roasting is paying dividends! Table 2 might be next to the wedding party, but table 39 will likely be next to the popcorn shrimp table. So, I’m cool with that. :fried_shrimp:


Can I be your plus one?


Lol. You probably have your own invite. Also, you’re likely still at table 2.


Well I’m secretly hoping I get to officiate while wearing brightly colored robes.