The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


More than people lol. What kind of doggo(s)?


Great, you’ll love Bella then! She’s 55 pounds and thinks she’s part cat and part lap dog haha




She’s adorable! I want one!

@NewPerspective you can come visit


Visit Syracuse? I’d love to


If I do come visit, you can love me, but you are not allowed to turn gay and lust after me.


I don’t know if I’m equipped for all the gay guy drama that you speak of. I’m sure you are quite handsome and charming though :joy:


I’m all of the above :kissing_heart:


Boi you better tone it down :wink:


And the gay drama is not my drama, I’m receiving other people’s drama for some reason, which I think I have figured out.


Well, if we’re roomies, she’d love you and provide all of the cuddles and warmth a dog can!


You know I have plenty of my own drama lol.

@beyondmythoughts I’m good at taking care of dogs too. I just hope you both like the snow bc Syracuse ain’t no joke


Well, I’m a wimp when it comes to snow. I’m from Florida, so definitely not accustomed to that. Bella on the other hand thinks snow is THE greatest thing in the world lol


Well, let’s be honest, as long as she’s happy then what else is there


It doesn’t take much to make her happy, plus you could wake up and get greeted by this butthead every day :joy:



So I found somewhere to live. Any guesses?


With your lady?!


We are kicking around the idea. It wouldn’t be until October


You mention not having an automobile so it can’t be in a van down by the river.