The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Everybody knows the cool kids are always in the back.


I’m cool with eating hors d’oeuvres in the background. I am also legally able to marry people. But, I’ll leave that to someone who doesn’t care about coconut shrimp.


You’ve been oddly silent on the new relationship. Did you just give up trying lol


By making that statement, you acknowledge that you know what my position on the same would be if I were to have one. I also know that if I were to have an opinion, anything I may say would not change the course of human history as we know it. Therefore, voicing any opinion would serve no useful purpose and would waste both time and energy. Accordingly, I have directed my time and energy to more productive endeavors.


You make it seem like I don’t value your opinion


Lol, u usually just ignore it anyways, dunno if that’s devaluing it or not, but in this case I can understand y ud tell us all to go take a hike whistles


Not what I think, and not what I said and if it came across that way – I apologize.

My point was – you know what I would say, if I were to have an opinion, based upon your collective prior experiences with the Goat. If I were to form and give an opinion, Derek is still gonna Derek notwithstanding Goat’s opinion. Given that any opinion formed and stated would only then be for internet points (vanity) then, there is no useful purpose in such an exercise.


Sometimes it’s just nice to hear it lol. Even though you are absolutely right in this case.


I’m on my way to get Shay flowers


You be better off buyin her shoes or gettin her nails did… The flower chivary is dead according to the poll in the lounge…🤷


I’m old. I’d love flowers. Although so would our cat. Hmmm. allows Chris free pass on this


Flowers are sweet! I love shoes and spa days as much as any other girl, but flowers are classic.


Ugh… Dont value his cheap charm for booty tonight … Smh… :joy:


Thank God! I remember the futility of trying to get you to get flowers the last time. ‘Bout blew up the board with all the flower haters. Well done, you😘.


We are actually taking a night off lol.


…did you hurt her?


TMI Alert

We are both a little sore. She hasn’t been with a guy in a while. Like 19 months. And we’ve been going 2-3 times every night.


Ok…so Derek made a lesbian eat a sausage again…big deal…I made a vegetarian eat pulled pork yesterday :wink:


Omg. I just laughed out loud at all of this.


Omg, I’m so sorry! What happened to you? Did it hurt very bad?