The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Haaa! Hahahahahaha! Hilarious


We managed to make it through the night with no sex. It was nice to wake up with her laying on me.


Too much young n the restless moawrr jersey shore…:joy:


It’s good to know she loves D for more than his D


Whoa. Have you dropped the “L” word already???


We have. Buttnugget


Did you also say that with Kay?


Nope. I don’t think I ever truly felt it with her


Just wondering.


I’ve known Shay longer and had that AA love even before this. Looking back it was pretty clear that we loved each other long before we ever hooked up


I kinda figured that’s where the explanation would go.


I’ve lost track of Shay’s most recent partner. What happened to her after the boot burning?

And are you ever going to tell me if Shay is a mom?


And just so we are all clear. I am able to tell the difference between love and lust


Damnnn, why does no one believe @Englishd can make a good decision regarding his love life!?!? Lol just from seeing you post about Shay, there’s a complete difference compared to Kay. You and Shay already had the foundation laid down, just had to be patient for the right time for both of you to start building upon it. It makes me happy seeing you post about Shay!


Lol, these folks have seen my progression. It’s good they worry. That and haters gonna hate


haha or maybe they’re jealous because of the sexy time you’re having :wink: y’all are adults who can make your own choices! You’re also sounding way more mature with Miss Shay, so I’d say it’s a positive!


Shay has a beautiful 10 month old who I love dearly too. The ex is still using and trying to cause issues. She doesn’t know that Shay and I are together, but when she finds out it will be interesting


Is the most recent ex the baby’s co-parent?


No, she’s been single momin it. Her family is local and helps out a lot to. The father died of an overdose before the baby was born. Honestly she’s done an amazing job. I play with the baby and see the baby, but she’s not trying to make me the dad or anything. But I like being involved


Just found out my roommate is being evicted. My rent is going to double, which will make up about 35% of my income. Or I can find a roommate that I trust. Ugh life is getting life today