The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


I’m glad you two are around to keep me humble


Aren’t you babysitting?


I kinda am too.


That little girl sleeps better than any one. She hasn’t made a peep. I even had time to do the dishes and laundry


Just wait, my dear. Eventually she will turn 2.:flushed:


Or 3. I heard the term threenager the other day for the first time and lost a few minutes to the giggles.


Good thing I have a solid group of sober folks to talk to for advice :grin:


Right? I’m almost there. Finn turns 3 in October.


I wish I had a dollar for every time I hear, “No, Mama! Imma do it all by myself!!!


gazes into the crystal ball

You are going to be sobbing on our shoulders soon when you realize lesbians go straight for free jizzers and then go back to beef curtains when they have what they want. You’re being midterm conned for the opportunity to rob you of your semen.


U mean like this? Haha


Then this is the greatest con job of all time. Being a former junkie and straight up savage con man myself I can spot a play 6 moves in advance. You don’t think I haven’t run through that scenario? I mean she’s definitely not shy about wanting another kid, but she also knows that it happening right now. If she actually gets one over on me I will be nothing but impressed. My natural state of being is skepticism so I already looked at the angles.


That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Thank precious heavens that my boys have not yet learned that phrase!:joy::rofl:


Watch out for begging for super rough condom sex and offers to wrap you up with her mouth then.


Dont worry, in a couple weeks he will come back to his senses and realize bacon is his one true love. Also he doesnt have to change for bacon. Bacon loves him the way he is. Hopefully he doesnt sign the lease before then.


Bacon doesn’t love skinny people.


Yes it does, bacon loves everybody…I think Munch would say that maybe skinny people dont love themselves :thinking:


LOL. bumblebee


Are you sure she’s still breathing? :wink:


I missed something…is she vegan? Why did you have to give up bacon? I can give up booze, but bacon grease is in my blood. They call it cholesterol. :rofl: