The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


I know ive been confused here. Shes a pretty gurl with a cute kid but the dads no where to be found. Hes not callin or trying at all to see the kid. Maybe to see her for a hot date n work things out? Hes just mia… She got one sperm donor… She working on another then back to roast beef sandwiches…🤷


Are referring to my life or is Josh acting like a teenager too lol


Can I ask a question about Shay’s last relationship? You said the baby is ten months old, didn’t I also see that the relationship was 19 months? Did Shay and her ex decide to co-parent right away using a legit sperm donor or was she pregnant when she met the ex? Or are my timelines off?


Dad is dead. He ODed. Her last few relationships were with women and they weren’t really co-parenting


She surely likes her junkies… Maybe i can find out if she can suck the skin off a golfball… I just need a vaca to syracuse… Was she a opiate addict too?


I’m so sorry to hear about the father of her child.


Gotta be u man, I’m still on my Buddhist monk game lol


The peace you seek can only be found in the eye of the hurricane within you.


Yeah it was hard on her, but she handles it very well. It’s going to be hard when the daughter grows up though


Kiddos are pretty resilient!


Well it ain’t official until it’s Facebook official. And today we made it Facebook official lol.

Tonight is also my first night babysitting (disclaimer: baby will be sleeping so I won’t do much other than protect her from burglars)


If this is official, you probably shouldn’t call it babysitting anymore. Like, do I babysit my kids? #newb! :joy::rofl:


Ain’t my kid lol. But I get your point


I just read that your crazy ass gave up bacon for this woman, if that’s the case that IS your kid now, bacon for a kid…i think that’s even on the exchange rate. u better be claiming that little fella as a dependent on ur damn taxes next year!!


Hilarious… I gave you a like and a thumbs up!


Ms. Ella is a girl, but other than that you are pretty much spot on


I read that bs last night and I had to close the app and go to bed b4 i said something that woulda screwed up our friendship. Had to meditate for a bit to even wrap my mind around the concept of giving up bacon for love, it’s such an oxymoron and a complete wash on the happiness scale; bacon ** IS ** love! :thinking:

Thank God @DowntroddenGoat posted that thing last night so now I know my higher powers name is Munch…it helped being able to say the name while repeating the mantra
“bacon is my friend, I am no Sikh
A couple strips a day keeps my jimmies on fleek”

Then I fell asleep listening to this on repeat

and dreamed about dancing around in a field full of daisies holding hands with a giant strip of bacon :grinning:



Damn man. Now you made me hungry for some chicken-fried bacon. Since it was in a triangle, it was Munch’s way of telling you that your sobriety needs chicken-fried bacon.


Did you collect these before you got sober bc that’s some high ass shit right there