The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Duuuude!! So stoked for you bro. Me and my lady are going to sit and watch it when ever it his the net!!


If it’s not too embarrassing to post lol


I think it’s fantastic that you did this. Can’t wait to see it!

(Might not want to tell Shay that you were all hot and bothered over your interviewer):wink:


Dude, as some one who has a lot of battle rap videos and performances online. What you might feel as embarrassing could be inspirational to someone else.
Where’s that ego of yours bro​:muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: lol :smile::yum::yum::yum:


Shay might feel the same way lol. Ya never know.


Video turned out great. As soon as I get the link I will share it. There were some attorneys there that I used to know when I was practicing. They were very supportive. It was a great night.


That’s awesome!!!
Hella excited


Maybe they’ll hire you back now that you’re in recovery! J/k bro.


Wait… I think I lost track. Is this a bacon abstinence video? (waits patiently…)


Of course it will be embarrasing…that’s why I wanna see it :wink:


Drama llama alert!

Looks like I will be moving a lot sooner than planned.

Shit has continued to turn up missing from my room since I haven’t been here. Since I’m staying at Shay’s every night anyway it makes sense to just to go there. Well I found out just now that my roommate has already told someone else they can move in whenever they want. And without asking me. It moves up my timeline a lot. I seriously can’t wait to be done with this shit


Why not Just marry her?


A little soon for that don’t ya think :joy:


This is entertainment business…the show must go on :wink:






I’ve known a lot of members of my church who went from handshake to married on less than 3 months. Long lasting, happy, child-filled marriages! Could be you, bro!


Lord, please make this happen in the Derek show:


We are trying lol


Remind me what church that is again. Lol