The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Haha! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! You too can be married happily ever after in less than three months! Join today!


I missed who you’re posting to.


I was just responding to your request for someone to tell you that ‘you’re an idiot and it’s a horrible idea…’ ask and you shall receive! Don’t shoot the deliverer when I was just following through with your request. Sheesh. Rough crowd.


Haha! Sounds like that was way at the beginning


*popcorn making noises…should invite an audience also…this should be interesting


Welcome to thunderdome. Check the decorum at the door. The gloves come off here. You want free speech well here it is.


The very first post!


lol, yeah, it was at the very end of the original post. As always, doing what I’m told to do gets me in trouble. With some poeple there is just no winning. He said specifically, “somone tell me I’m being an idiot and its a horrible idea” and then bites my head off when I fullfill that request and I’m the manic one?! Ayeayeaye…

Oh well… moving on


I’m sure it was coming from a place of ignorance partly, since the original post was months ago. And also partly that he’s been here a long time and has very close friends that have that sort of relationship with him.

It’s kind of funny what happens when people resurface zombie posts.


Not to stir shit, but @naturehippy77 is like 3 or 4 times “older” than @Englishd. She has just been indisposed for a while. She was old when I was skipping back on to the app at 5 months sober. That “you are missed” post that everyone uses? Her handiwork.


Sure marriage might be a little early but you already admit she is way out of your league(I agree). I think you should probably tie the knot before she wakes up from whatever is afflicting her and she comes to her senses.


No way? That’s cool to know.


Hey @C-sun ! Thanks for the welcome home! Yeah, I was MIA for a while because a few people were trying to get me to keep my sweet little mouth shut. In the end, the only thing it truly accomplished was giving me more time and space to formulate and string together MORE words, MORE thoughts, and MORE unbiased cognitive reasoning ability.

I’m back and not going anywhere anytime soon… Only this time, I’m unedited, unleashed and sober MINDED AF (as fish). “Hi, my name is Domino and I’m an aquaholic”. :mermaid:t4:‍♀️ In the words of the knockers, “it’s okay, I’m used to it.”

You changed your profile pic! Lookin good my friend!


Lol, I did. The other one was at my job. I decided later that my employer wouldn’t appreciate it. And the it would help if I wasn’t so obviously female. And I just liked the avi I found on Pinterest. I liked the yellow lantern one you had. And why do you have 2 account names now?


What’s kind of ironic about this statement is my homegirl in Portland sobered up a month before me and started dating a fellow from the church of latter day saints and has never been happier and is on tap to be married. Has me wondering what I am missing out on :grin:


Shay and I went out and bought our first piece of furniture together lol. That’s even more official than Facebook official.


What did you buy?
Please tell me you didn’t go to IKEA!!!


They’re on to something! And our first piece of furniture was from IKEA! Our bed. Still holding together, in spite of crazy boys jumping on it and how well used it is.:kissing_heart:


Hahahaha thats awesome!!
I personally have always been a fan of lovesac!! Best chairs EVEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR


A TV stand from Target