The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


Watch out for begging for super rough condom sex and offers to wrap you up with her mouth then.


Dont worry, in a couple weeks he will come back to his senses and realize bacon is his one true love. Also he doesnt have to change for bacon. Bacon loves him the way he is. Hopefully he doesnt sign the lease before then.


Bacon doesn’t love skinny people.


Yes it does, bacon loves everybody…I think Munch would say that maybe skinny people dont love themselves :thinking:


LOL. bumblebee


Are you sure she’s still breathing? :wink:


I missed something…is she vegan? Why did you have to give up bacon? I can give up booze, but bacon grease is in my blood. They call it cholesterol. :rofl:


I can make it. I just can’t fry it. I don’t have to give up bacon, I’m just​saying I would lol


Can you microwave it? (Blasphemy, I know.). But mediocre bacon is better than no bacon.


I would probably put it in the oven.


Better idea. Is it the smell she doesn’t like, or is she opposed to the whole concept?


I didn’t dive to deep into it. I was afraid of the answer lol


Remember, you may forsake the Lard, but the Lard will always be with thee.


Oven bacon is the only way to go or on the grill


For the day before a holiday, my jimmies are getting rustled. I had to download Munch’s music for meditations.


You can even stream on Prime


I’m Selling t-shirts and these tonight…I know at least Derek is in need of some


3 is the worst. Ugh. Lol


Oh man, I know of a couple hundred people on I-95 south that coulda used that earlier lol…

Just a tip for everyone along ur travels, if u use Google maps to navigate it does not love you particularly and ur not getting a hot tip from it when it tells u to take a detour…damn near everyone uses Google maps so everybody gets the same advice lol, I watched traffic back up off the ramps and onto the highway for 3 exits full of people getting off the interstate to take that detour on US-1. By the time they all got off and bogged down that little 2 lane highway full of stop lights those of us that stuck it out got past the accident in about 10 mins lmao



I just had love for breakfast…and as we all know love=bacon