The Real Red Derek Diaries of Syracuse


I no longer have the email address associated with my original account and have been locked out and @Robin has yet to get back to me… In any case, I found my own solution and NatureHippy77 is more appropriate for this second chapter in my life. The significance of the “77” is for when I accidentally offend or hurt the feelings of a Christan member so we can “forgive” eachother as stated in their user manual at Matthew 18:21-22. This scripture is my City of Refuge as I am Hawaiian in #Spirit and follow my hanai culture of Hooponopono as the cornerstone of my recovery. If we can’t recover together while laughing, loving, and forgiving… what’s the point of these teachings left by our ancestors?



I liked you too… But after I saw you morph into Harry from the Henderson’s I LOVE you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a two way street…



I can’t even lol


Geesh, Derek. You are always up to something crazy. Lol


I live by the code of plc. Poor life choices :joy:


:sweat_smile::slightly_frowning_face: I made a lot of bad choices in my day, too.
Just be careful.


It’s good for me bc I was starting to sink back into that lazy ass bachelor mode where I was generally getting home and not doing much other than my AA stuff. Now I’m getting up earlier and being more productive during the day. I’ve also lost weight bc we cook at home


Drama llama has been feeling underused lately so why not invite him back into the fold.

I was just talking to a good friend of mine in NA, who is also really good friends with Kay. Apparently she is doing everything in her power (which thankfully isn’t much) to move back to Syracuse…


Is she doing that to be closer to family? Or you? Or what?


I hope family. I really do. Whatever we had is gone and not coming back. But I’m not sure if she knows about Shay yet.


Anyone else hearing the Jaws music in their heads??? :joy:


On repeat since I found out the news. Bad for me. Great for this thread.


Tee hee. This could be Derek watching at its finest.


Not to sound like a dick but she really doesn’t have the resources to pull off a move, financially or emotionally so I will probably be safe.


It was a terrible idea, and the jury is still out on the idiot verdict.


Why stop sounding like a dick now? :kissing_heart:


how do I link a you tube video? I have something to add to this thread


Go to share on the YouTube app and Copy Link. Paste it on here. There you go.